How user testing can dramatically improve your conversions

A couple usertesting

Many companies shy away from user testing because it’s seen as an extra hassle.

It’s something else that’s going to cost money, take up time and might not provide any useful information.

But what if you’re missing an opportunity?

What if it didn’t take that long and didn’t cost anything?

Then you would think you’re being rather silly – wouldn’t you?

This article will explain how you can user test your website extremely cheaply. [Continue reading]

Carousels – great for marketing aren’t they?

Are carousels good for marketers

Carousels can be found on every other website.

They have become extremely popular because they can show multiple marketing messages and calls to action without breaking the layout.

They can be used for showing latest posts, latest deals, your latest promotion and much more.

But are they really worth it?

Are they actually working for your website and it’s visitors?

Are they meeting marketing goals? [Continue reading]

Why you should be using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Why you should be using the Genesis Framework

Many companies and individuals looking to get online start with a WordPress theme.

A year or two down the line, they will look at upgrading that theme to have something a little more unique, or with features that are specific to their needs.

The initial approach is to find a WordPress theme that looks nice and has the basic functionality they require.

This theme would then be ditched for a completely bespoke theme.

On the face of it, this makes sense. But what if the first theme you bought could easily be turned into the website you want later down the road – even if you don’t know what you might want just yet. [Continue reading]

Pros and cons of buying Facebook likes

Should you buy Facebook likes?

When it comes to Facebook pages, having likes is vital.

It will increase the visibility of your posts and provide more opportunities for interaction, advertising and spreading your message.

As with any social network, the more likes you have, the quicker you can build that number as the reach is greater.

This all sounds great, but what if you’re just getting started with Facebook?

What if you currently have 0 followers? [Continue reading]

How to make your content go further

Saving time when creating content

The wonderful thing about content is the extent it can be used. Many companies realise they need to be marketing themselves online to be successful. They would typically create a blog and start posting, only to realise how much work and time … [Continue reading]

Quick Tip – View Google Alerts in Feedly


Since Google turned off Google Reader, many blog readers moved over to Feedly for their daily digests. Feedly is a tool that allows you to subscribe to websites, and scan new articles from your favourite website. If you regularly monitor … [Continue reading]

Generating post ideas: Using Google Analytics

Content generation using Google Analytics

Generating post ideas has been discussed on this website a few times, but the key is finding a method that works for you. Trawling through other peoples websites, using online shops like Amazon or getting inspiration from being out and about may … [Continue reading]

Generating post ideas using Amazon


Maintaining a blog can occasionally create the problem of "What do I post next?". Content ideas can be tricky, especially when you're focussed on work for your business instead of content for the blog. There are a number of solutions to this … [Continue reading]