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How to separate your Facebook friends from your professional contacts

Separate Facebook friends from business friends

Facebook has been a part of most of our lives for quite some time.

We’ve added friends, families, co-workers and even business contacts to our friends list.

But with social media being a vital part of online marketing, it would be useful to have all business contacts on a page away from your personal profile – right?

That way you can post family and friend related content without the worry of representing your brand online. [Continue reading]

How to block bad incoming links

Stop bad incoming links

Is your website ranking badly?

Or have you just purchased a previously used domain and fear it could struggle to rank?

A few years ago, Google updated its algorithm that determines the rank of your website, one of those changes was to penalise sites that had bad incoming links viagra pfizer 50 mg.

A large proportion of the websites that were affected were illegitimate, or spammy websites.

Therefore the change was a success.

But we’re now a few years on and those who have done a little bit of research on optimising their website, know that quality links from other websites will help immensely with your page ranking. [Continue reading]

How user testing can dramatically improve your conversions

A couple usertesting

Many companies shy away from user testing because it’s seen as an extra hassle. It’s something else that’s going to cost money, take up time and might not provide any useful information. But what if you’re missing an … [Continue reading]

Carousels – great for marketing aren’t they?

Are carousels good for marketers

Carousels can be found on every other website. They have become extremely popular because they can show multiple marketing messages and calls to action without breaking the layout. They can be used for showing latest posts, latest deals, your latest … [Continue reading]

Why you should be using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Why you should be using the Genesis Framework

Many companies and individuals looking to get online start with a WordPress theme. A year or two down the line, they will look at upgrading that theme to have something a little more unique, or with features that are specific to their needs. The … [Continue reading]

Pros and cons of buying Facebook likes

Should you buy Facebook likes?

When it comes to Facebook pages, having likes is vital. It will increase the visibility of your posts and provide more opportunities for interaction, advertising and spreading your message. As with any social network, the more likes you have, … [Continue reading]