1 standout way to increase organic traffic to your website

Are you looking at increasing the number of organic visitors to your website?

Do you currently create regular posts but aren’t getting the results you expect?

If either of those applies to you, then you have come to the right place.

I’m going to tell you the secret to building organic traffic to your website.

So what’s the secret?

I often read of marketers advising their readers to jump on to the latest industry news and create a post about it.

This strategy is great if you want a spike of visitors coming to your website.

But as soon as that new topic becomes old news, the post you created will be worthless, bringing in 10’s of people instead of the hundreds or thousands it did when you launched article.

Unless your company strives to be the ‘go to’ place for breaking news then this is not a sustainable option.

Instead, what you need is a timeless post – or as close as you can get to timeless.

What is a timeless post?

Well that’s a silly question really; it’s a post that won’t be irrelevant after a couple of days or weeks.

It’s a post that the new subscribers in a year’s time will want to read.

It’s a post that helps people, or provokes an emotion towards a topic (not a news topic).

It’s a post that people want to share when they stumble across it to help keep it alive.

Creating a timeless post is easier than you might think

You don’t have to be an expert writer to create content that is going to last for years.

In fact, I would advise anyone who is starting a blog (0r any form of regular content) to start by creating content that’s going to last.

Until you have subscribers for your website, you are reliant on content promotion, and organic traffic, so you might as well start creating content that’s going to help increase your organic traffic.

All that’s required is that you know your audience, and you know your topic.

I would like to think that you know both of those pretty well!

With that information, you should know exactly what questions that audience will ask about your topic.

Those questions become the title of your content.

You then work your magic answering the question.

That’s it!

These types of posts work wonders for a number of reasons:

1. Search engine rankings

By optimising your content for search engines, it won’t be long before you see your page heading towards the top of Google’s listing for that question.

Every time a member of your target audience is looking for an answer to that question, they will stick the exact question into Google, and guess what, there you are!

As a side note, it is worth checking if others have answered the question before, and if they have, then who has answered it. If they are a very popular website, then you will have a mammoth task out-ranking them.

2. Reader trust

People love to get answers to their questions; if you can help someone or point them in the right direction, then they will instantly trust you more as a resource.

If you add related links to your articles and a sign up form, then they could even turn into a subscriber or maybe even a client!

3. Longevity of your content

No longer will your content be alive for 3 or 4 days. It will continually grow while your website is alive.

As more people see your post, more people will leave a comment or share the page via social media.

As they do this, they are sending another vote off to Google in favour of your post – which gives it more weight in the search engines.

The more views / comments / shares you get, the higher up the list on Google you will go, which mean the organic traffic coming to your website through that post will increase.

Get started!

There really is nothing to creating posts that last providing you know the questions.

So stop looking for new content ideas on industry news websites, and find out what your audience actually wants to know about.