1 thing you must do to help social sharing

Allow Pinterest to pin your posts

Sharing content on the internet is what Social Media is all about. The more you share your content, the more people are able to find that content. By preparing your posts in the correct manor can help you promote sharing.

Pinterest is quickly becoming a very popular social media network. Still in beta, it has become the fastest stand alone website to reach 10 million users!

Pinterest is a bulletin board style website where you can ‘pin’ any web pages or images that you find anywhere across the internet onto one of your boards. You can comment and like other people’s pins and follow them if their pins are of interest to you. It is a way of sharing the content that interests you.

I have been using Pinterest for a little while now, and my board is called ‘Reading now’. I pin any articles that I read onto my board so that others can read them too.

For me to be able to pin content onto Pinterest, there must be an image. It’s very simple, no image means that I can’t pin your content no matter how much I want too. If I can’t pin your content, no one else can. That means you are missing out on users coming to your website from Pinterest in the same way someone might follow a Twitter or Facebook link.

There is a very simple fix:

Use images in your blog posts and any content you may want to be shared by other people.

This doesn’t only affect Pinterest, by having an image in your post, Facebook and Google+ are able to use a thumbnail for your links, this means more people are likely to spot the post and therefore click through to it.

There is a great post over at problogger.com that explains exactly how to use images in your blog posts.

If you want to find out more on using Pinterest for small businesses and marketing, take a look at Copybloggers post – 56 ways to market your business on Pinterest.

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Quick tip: If you use the Pin It button in your browsers bookmark bar, highlight some text in the page you would like to pin to quickly add it to the description!