3 Chrome extensions to improve your Google+ efficiency

Google+ tools - right tool for the right job

Are you a regular Google+ user?

Do you want to know about some tools that will make your time and process on Google+ more efficient?

Well today is your lucky day.

I have 3 tools that you can add to your Google Chrome browser that will not only make Google+ easier to use, but will save you a lot of time and hassle.

#1 – Do Share

Do Share will connect with your Google+ and allow you to schedule posts.

This is a great tool if you are regularly posting content to Google+, as it will separate the content throughout the day.

However there is a draw back to this plugin – your computer must be on for this to work.

Google+ doesn’t yet have an API, so developers are unable to create a scheduling system like Buffer, instead, this extension pretends to be you when posting, therefore you must have your computer running so that the extension can run at the correct time.

This plugin is useful, however only if you regularly have your computer on throughout the day.

Share to Do Share button

Do Share content page

Download the extension here.

#2 – Nuke comments

Do you run a community that’s being held back my comments?

Or do you post content that certain users just seem to want to spam?

Well this neat little tool, allows you to delete that comment with a click of a button!

Nuke Comment button for G+

But wait, it get’s better!

Not only do they delete the comment, but they will also block the user from your account.

No longer will you be bothered by comment spam again!

Download the extension here.

P.S. Robert – don’t panic, I didn’t Nuke you.

#3 – Replies and more

Out of the three of the mentioned apps, this one is my favourite.

Have you ever attempted to reply to a comment on Google+, but found that their name doesn’t appear in the suggested names list?

Or the suggested names list just takes a long time to load and your getting fed up with it?

Well this plugin, adds a ‘Reply’ link right next to comment authors name!

When you click ‘Reply’, the comment box is automatically filled with their Google+ name tag.

Now you have no excuse not to tag the person who you are replying too!

Replies and more reply button

Download the extension here.

Do you use any of these extensions? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.