3 Great tools to monitor your brand mentions

Tools to monitor brand and keyword mentions

Whichever websites you use to read up on online marketing techniques and strategies, they always tell you create regular content, promote your content, and listen to your audience.

All three of those elements take quite a bit of time and practicing to find out what works for you, but fortunately for us, there are tools that can help with each of these stages.

This post will highlight 3 tools you can use to monitor your brand, or keyword mentions across the internet.

#1 – Mention

I stumbled across mention about a month ago and don’t see myself letting it go anytime soon.

That is why the link just above is a referral link instead of a normal one (gives me 100 extra mentions).

I’m aware that quite a few bloggers use Google Alerts to monitor their brand mentions (read more below), but mention just seems to do everything better.

The results are thorough and in real time, this means you can leave it open in the background and respond to new posts about your targeted keyword quickly. The results also open in the same dashboard which means you never have to leave the application to take a look at the results.

Mention application dashboard

You can take the dashboard with you on a mobile app for your iPhone which means you don’t have to constantly rely on an email alert while you are out and about.

One of the best features it has, is the integrated social functionality. This means that if something from twitter pops up, you are able to reply or retweet all from within the dashboard.

Mention has social integration

Mention is a free service if you just want to keep track of brand names and keywords. But if you would like to monitor keywords for a term that is likely to be posted tens or hundreds of thousands of times each month, then you are going to need to upgrade to the premium packages which start at very reasonable prices.

If you upgrade, you will also get access to a statistics dashboard, these stats provide a very quick way to visualise how popular a term is, and whether that popularity is increasing, or decreasing.

#2 – Google Alerts

Google Alerts has been a popular choice for quite a long time.

This is because it has the ability to pick up on mentions of your keywords as it crawls the websites while indexing them for search results.

Surprisingly however, the results don’t seem to be as comprehensive as Mentions, but you have the ability to set up as many alerts as you wish to fill your inbox with.

These alerts will send a list of links to the websites that have mentioned your keywords. This list is displayed in the same format as a Google search results page, which makes navigating the list extremely easy.

This application is free, and very easy to set up so is definitely one to try out if you are new to monitoring your brand online.

Google alerts dashboard

#3 – Sprout Social

The final tool that I would recommend is Sprout Social.

This tool might surprise you as it’s primarily known for social media, however over the past year, they have updated their platform with lots of new features, one of which is the Web Alerts tool.

This works in a very similar way to the Google Alerts tool, however instead of emailing you with all the results, it simply adds them as a new message within your dashboard.

If you are using Sprout Social as part of a team, you can then assign these messages to specific team members so that they can reply, or get in touch with who ever mentioned your keywords.

Sprout Social web alerts


Above are three great tools, all of which I use and recommend.

The listening part of online marketing really is the easiest if you have the correct tools to help you.

With these three tools, not only can you take the stress away from not knowing whether anyone is talking about you, and if they are, you ignoring them.

But you can take a look at what’s going on across the web from within one of three locations, whether thats Mention or Sprout Social’s dashboards, or your emails inbox – that is up to you.

What tools do you use to monitor your brand and keywords? Would you recommend them to others? Let me know in the comments below.

  • I’m a big SproutSocial fan, although the Mention site looks pretty cool as well. How similar are they (Alerts is pretty useless without context…so maybe I’m missing something there as well)

    • Sprout Social and Mention are very different tools, Sprouts focus is on social media monitoring (rightfully so) with additional functionality for keyword mentions, where as Mention was created purely for keyword monitoring which does make it the best tool out of this list for that particular job.

      Thanks for commenting Stephan 🙂

  • Very much appreciate you including Sprout Social on the list, Sam! Happy to hear you’re loving the app. Both Mention and Google Alerts are great tools for keeping tabs on business/industry mentions across the web, so we’re flattered to be in such good company.

    Brit Thompson | Social Marketing Manager at Sprout Social

    • Hi Brittany!
      It’s a pleasure. Thank for you for providing a tool that’s worthy of a recommendation!
      And thank you for the comment.

  • ups

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  • Hey Sam, great article!

    I have a few things to add from our experience. We’ve been using Google Alerts first, and found it not that extensive – they tend to miss an article or two + they sometimes take a long time to alert you about it. It was useful if you’re not that of a perfectionist 🙂 And if you use RSS feed reader, you can link the feed in it and get notifications within your browser (aside from getting them in an email)

    We are just about to use Mention, so thank you for the mention 😉

    We use BuzzSumo, which is fine, but still misses a mention or two (we use it for its other features, so I don’t mind it).

    I know MOZ has the alert function as well – have you used them?

  • Gloria

    Hi Sam! Nice toolkit!
    I wonder, have you ever tried BRAND24 for social listening?! Truly recommend! It’s very nice, easy to use and efficient tool for real-time internet monitoring and analyses. It works really great and has integration with Slack which makes this tool better than any other ♥