6 Tips you never knew about Facebook ads

6 Tips on Facebook Adverts


One of the quickest ways to promote your Facebook page is to create Facebook ads.

This is because Facebook allow you to put your advert in front of a very target audience.

This post will highlight some features within Facebook adverts that you might not be aware of.

Multiple Facebook ads only use the campaign budget

When creating Facebook adverts, one thing you must do is split test.

To split test, you duplicate an existing advert and change one element of it, such as the title or picture. You then compare the two adverts to see which is generating the best results.

When creating the duplicate advert, you are presented with the campaign budget which can make you think that you are purchasing a second advert.

However any advert within a campaign will only use the campaign budget.

So if your budget is £100, you might have 10 adverts running, but the total cost will only be £100.

Therefore don’t be afraid of creating multiple versions of the same advert.

When promoting your page, you CAN change the title

A lot of the Facebook adverts are created to promote a Facebook page.

This is an effective way of quickly increasing your likes at a low price.

However when you try and create an advert for your page, the title won’t be editable – it will just be the title of your page.

This isn’t always very useful.

To change the name of your advert, you need to change the advert type from page, to external URL.

To do this:

  • Click the X next to your page name
Change Facebook Ad headline
  • Select ‘Search by URL’.
Search by URL for Facebook Ad
  • Type in the full URL to your page
Enter your page URL for Facebook Ads
  • Press enter

You can then either skip down and add your own title and description, or click the ‘Suggest an advert’ link.

If you click the link, make sure you select the full URL (not the page name) as the ‘What do you want to promote?’ option.

Never delete an advert

Facebook will decrease your costs as your campaigns success increases.

This means that if you are generating a high click through rate, or a lot of page impressions then the cost of running your adverts will go down.

This is both a benefit to the advertiser and to Facebook as you will run your adverts for longer which increase your interactivity; however you are also more likely to spend more money on that campaign.

As a campaign reaches the end of its life, most companies simply delete them. This is the worst thing you can do as you will lose the reduced rate.

Instead, pause your campaign until you need to run a new one. Then simply re-purpose it.

You will start out with the reduced rate; however keeping lowered will depend on the success of your campaign!

You can change your bid at any time

When you create the adverts, you have to set a price that you are willing to pay to get your advert either clicked on, or displayed.

The initial price of this bid is often higher than it needs to be, therefore you should often check the advised bid rate.

You can do this by clicking on the advert when in the ads manager.

You can adjust your bid at any time by hovering over your bid, and clicking the pencil icon that will appear next to it.

Facebook ads change bid

By amending your bid, you can make sure you are getting the best value for your advert.

You can run multiple accounts

If your company runs Facebook advertising for different companies, you will want to keep each of the company campaigns separate.

Unfortunately, each Facebook ads account must be associated with a unique email address, so you can’t directly create separate account.

Instead use an existing account of one of your clients to set up the advertising account, and share the account with yourself.

From your account, you will then be able to switch between the different accounts that you manage.

Please note that you can only manage up to 25 different Facebook ads accounts.

You can set a spend cap for each account

One of the fears that lots of companies have, are spending too much money on Facebook adverts.

Thankfully Facebook has you covered by providing multiple spend caps.

By clicking on the ‘billing’ link within the adverts manager, you can set a lifetime spend cap of your account.

Facebook adverts account limit

If you have adverts running, and you reach this cap, your adverts will still state they are active, however they won’t get displayed until you increase you spending cap.

Similarly, you can set a spend cap for each individual campaign. This means the adverts will pause when they reach your campaigns maximum budget.

I hope you find this article useful. What tips or hidden gems do you know of within Facebook ads? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Matt M

    cool tip regarding changing the title….I’m testing out sending ppl to my email signup app, but FB is taking longer than usual to approve it for some reason


    • Hi Matt, Thanks for the feedback! They can take up to 24 hours – however they are normally quicker than that as it’s in their favour to get your ad going quickly!

      Thanks again!

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  • Sawsan

    if i wanted to end several campaigns at once, can i do that simultaneously ?

    • Hi Sawsan, I don’t believe there is a way to bulk stop campaigns, If you wanted to stop them all, then you can simply change your accounts budget to 0, but stopping 5 / 10 campaigns will have to be done manually.

      If you (or anyone else who reads this) knows a way around this I would love to know!

      Thanks for the comment Sawsan, sorry I can’t be more help with that.
      – Sam

  • Eru

    Hi Sam, do you know if it’s normal to be directed automatically to the Adverts manager when I log in to Facebook? Is there an option to choose the timeline as the default page?

    I’ve tried contacting them and didn’t receive an answer and I closed the Adverts Manager but it still takes me to that page where it says: “Your advertising account has been closed. To resume advertising, please reactivate it.” Hope you can help, thank you.

  • Olivia

    Hi Sam,

    I am now running an Page promotion on my FB page, however, everytime after I edited the ‘interest’ part, the number of new ‘like’ for my page drops a lot, do you know if there is any maxium ‘interest’ limit? I saw there is a workd’ add 4-10 interests’ in the text box, is 10 the max.? Thanks!