How to add AdSense to your WordPress website

how to add google adsense to your wordpress website

Google AdSense has long been a way to monetise your website.

In recent years you will find mixed reviews on whether it’s worth it or not but I’ve always found the best way to find out, is to do it yourself.

To try it yourself, you will obviously need to add an advert onto your website, so this article is going to guide you through the process of adding Google AdSense to the sidebar of your WordPress website.

Note: This will only work for self hosted WordPress sites, not

#1 – Register with Google AdSense

As with any Google service, you have to sign up for it before you can use it.

You can either log in with your existing Google account, or register a new one directly on the AdSense website.

If you can’t log in with an existing Google account, it could because that account is a Google Apps email address. Try registering a new account with an email address

#2 – Agree to their terms and policies

The policies are pretty straight forward. They consist of rules such as:

  • You must not trick people into clicking the ads
  • You must not click the ads yourself
  • You must have a privacy policy page
  • Do not edit the code they provide you
  • Do not display the ad within a popup

#3 – Build your advert

Once you are set up and activated on Google AdSense, you will be able to build the advert for your website.

To do this, log into AdSense, click ‘My ads’ then ‘+ New ad unit’.

This is the page where you can select the type of advert you wish to create, be it a banner ad for the top of your page, or a sidebar ad.

As we are building a sidebar advert, select the ‘300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle’ ad.

Feel free to play around with the remainder of the settings.

Once you are finished click ‘Save and get code’.

#4 – Add the code to your website

The ‘Save and get code’ above should have opened a popup that contains the code for your advert.

Adding this to your sidebar is pretty simple:

  • Log into your WordPress website
  • Go to Appearance > Widgets
  • Click and drag a ‘Text widget’ into your sidebar
  • Paste the AdSense code into the widget
  • Click Save

That’s it! You should now have a Google AdSense ad running within the sidebar of your website.

Note: If you have an ad blocker enabled you won’t be able to see the ad! – easy to forget.

Remember, if your AdSense adverts aren’t bringing in any revenue, then remove them and explore other avenues.

  • zack

    When i try to add the code into the text widget nothing happens…

    • Hi Zack, Did you get this working?
      If not, make sure:
      a) your website has a widget area
      b) you don’t have the “add paragraphs” option ticked.
      Hope that helps,

      • mogs

        I read you can’t do this with, you have to upgrade and go through their own adwords program?

        • grandhisila

          i m also facing same issue.what is alternative

          • Hi Grandhisila,
            Sorry for the slow reply – I’ve been away for a few months. If your website is a site, then unfortunately you have to use their own advertisement system, you can’t use third party services (like AdSense). If you manage to find something else that works, please let me know!


        • Hi Mogs,

          My apologies for the slow reply, I’ve been away for a few months but you are correct. You can’t use any third party advertising tools with, you can only use their system. I’ve added a note to the article above stating it’s only for self hosted WordPress websites. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


    • Amy Estrada

      I’m having the same problem.

  • saurabh

    i did the above procedure but instead of adv i see a light yellow color filled space

    • Hi Saurabh,
      Is your website a self hosted WordPress website, or a one? If it’s unfortunately this won’t work, they only allow adverts from WordPress, nothing else (so no AdSense).
      If it’s self hosted, I’d happily take a look and see what’s going on if you drop me a link.

      • Julia

        I had the same result – A yellow filled box. I used bluehost to set up my wordpress site.

  • leopold

    I want it in my header

    • Hey Leopold,
      To add it to your header, you would need to drop the code into a header widget area if your theme has one, or into the code for the theme itself (probably in header.php after the code for any navigation).
      Hope that helps,

  • Thanks I didn’t know you could do this directly so helpful to find out!

  • anjan

    If i place 1 adsense code in 2 places in same blog, i.e, side bar, and also in post title, will it be problem for my adsense account?

  • adam clarke

    i got it to work fine

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