Are you on Google+ yet?

time to get on Google+

Google+ has been around for over a year now and is already the second largest social platform around.

As someone who is promoting a website, Google+ is not one of those websites that you can ignore from your online marketing strategy.

Here are some common reasons why people don’t use Google+:

#1 – Google+ is a ghost town

As mentioned above, Google+ is the second largest social network in the world; it is far from a Ghost town.

OK people don’t post to it quite as often as Facebook, but the quality of the content you see on there is much higher than that of Facebook.

It’s not a great place to go and check up on your friends activity, but it is a great place for finding new articles and industry news very quickly.

#2 – I don’t have the time to manage ANOTHER social network

This is a tough one, but to have a presence on Google+, you really don’t need to do very much.

You can get some of the benefits by simply creating an account and linking that account with your content.

This will show your profile picture in the search results on Google which in turn increases the chances of it being clicked (as it stands out a lot more than the rest).

Google Authorship image

Obviously to get the most out of this, you do need to build a following on Google+, this shows Google that you are respected and know what you’re talking about, which then means they boost your page rankings.

So if you can fit it into your plan, then do, if not then at a minimum create an account, and link your content to your Google+ profile.

#3 – Google+ is just like the other social networks

Well sort of, I mean it has the equivalent of Facebook’s walls and places, and LinkedIn’s groups (called Communities in Google+).

But the big difference, and probably the most important, is that it’s owned by Google!

Which search engine do you use? Let me guess? Is it Google?

Do you ever go on YouTube? Oh look, it’s another Google product.

Google are tying Google+ into all of their services and by having a presence on there, you are boosting your presence in all other areas of Google.

I guess you could scrap Google all together and start using another search engine like Bing, but why would you when Google is still the most popular?

#4 – Google+ will probably disappear like other Google products

Google is starting to build a reputation of dropping their software e.g. Google Wave, that’s gone, Google Checkout, gone, even iGoogle (if you have ever been on that) is going.

But the difference here is that they are tying Google+ into lots of their services.

If you create a YouTube account, guess what, you just created a Google+ account as well.

Want to access your Google drive? Oh look, you need a Google+ account.

Want to search for something on Google? You guessed it, your results will be amended based on Google+ users and their popularity and connections.

Even though Google has killed off quite a few products in recent years, they didn’t integrate any of those products nearly as much as they have with Google+.

It’s not going to disappear any time soon.

What you need to do

We have now established that Google+ isn’t that bad a place to be.

So here is what I want you to do:

  1. Create yourself a Google+ account (if you haven’t already)
  2. Link your Google+ profile with your content
  3. Follow me on Google+ (I will love you forever)
  4. Start interacting with people on Google+
  5. Join some communities on Google+

That is it! And make sure you smile when you do it; no one likes a frowny person.