How user testing can dramatically improve your conversions

Many companies shy away from user testing because it’s seen as an extra hassle.

It’s something else that’s going to cost money, take up time and might not provide any useful information.

But what if you’re missing an opportunity?

What if it didn’t take that long and didn’t cost anything?

Then you would think you’re being rather silly – wouldn’t you?

This article will explain how you can user test your website extremely cheaply. [Read more…]

Getting work done: Tools to create your ‘to do’ list

Part of having a successful online presence consists of being organised.

Most will blog to help build their audience to then sell a product or service.

This means you are probably throwing ideas around all over the place from blog topics to features on the website to new products.

Having ideas is great, but if you’re not organised, those ideas may never come to life.

One way to stay organised is to create ‘to do’ lists. [Read more…]

5 questions before you redesign your website

Is your website starting to look a little tired?

Is it in need of some love and attention from a designer?

Making the decision to redesign your website is never a small one, but doing so can offer far more benefits in the long run.

But before you jump into Photoshop, or grab that phone for your designer, below is 5 questions you should ask.

Answering these questions will help you identify how your website should behave, and what key features should stand out above the rest.

In turn, this will create a website that meets visitors needs, and your business goals. [Read more…]

StuffedWeb is back online!

I’m back!

That means that StuffedWeb is coming back online too!

First off, if you’re reading this, then thank you. Thank you for staying and thank you for reading the content.

Now that I’m back, I will continue to post out content every Monday but there will be a slight change.

Before I went away, the content I was creating was on topics I was researching at the time or found interesting.

Even though there is value in those posts, not all of them are relevant to you guys – the readers of this website. [Read more…]

I’m going travelling!

I didn’t know how to start this post, so I thought being direct was as good as an approach as any.

As the title suggests, I’m going away for 2 months.

I will be travelling down the coast of Australia with a good friend of mine.

But what does that mean for StuffedWeb? [Read more…]

How to block specific Google AdSense Ads from your website

Google AdSense is a viable way of making money online.

Yes it does take work, and yes you do need website visitors before it starts to pay, but it’s a source of income from your content.

That being said, if you’re scaring your visitors away because you have an advert that is completely irrelevant to your content, then you won’t see the best results from your AdSense adverts.

This article will show you how to disable specific categories of adverts, and how to remove individual AdSense ads from the adverts you run. [Read more…]

How to prepare for an initial web development meeting

Choosing a web development company to build or look after your website is only half of the process.

The second stage is actually meeting the company and discussing your plans.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of building a website, or what a typical web company would expect from you, then this article is here to help.

I will explain what you should take to the initial meeting, and why they are important. [Read more…]

How to pick a web development company that won’t screw you over

For many companies, their first website will not work for them.

This is to be expected as it’s unlikely you have very much online experience in terms of managing a website.

It won’t take too long before you realise that the website you created isn’t performing how you expected it too.

There are a number of reasons for this to occur: [Read more…]

Calling out all Dream Dashers!

Have you read an article recently that tells you to stop setting unrealistic goals?

Articles that tell you to set targets you can ‘actually’ meet?

Well, those people are dream dashers.

I’m here to tell you, start dreaming BIG!

Think back for a moment to when you were a child, what did you want to be when you had grown up? [Read more…]

The REAL price of creating a blog

Creating a blog is easy; in fact, it’s so easy it can be done for free.

Simply head over to and off you go.

Unfortunately, if it was as simple as that, I would end this article right now, but it’s not.

Creating a blog can be free, yes; but if you want to blog properly, or blog for a business to increase leads and get all the benefits of having a blog, then there is a little more to it.

Setting up a blog won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but it’s certainly not free.

This article will identify where your money will go, and how much you can expect to pay at each section. [Read more…]