What’s new with Facebook events and how you can make it work for you!

Facebook events have just been updated. But what does that mean for you? How can you change the way you use your event pages to get the most out of them?

In this post, I will give you an overview of what has been updated, and discuss some new strategies you can employ to get more people going to your event.


  1. Less fields are required to create the event. You only need to enter a name, date and the privacy settings. All other fields are optional
  2. You can now put a time zone on your event! – No longer does your international event have to state the time zone in the description!
  3. People who have joined the event can update the location at a later date
  4. The wall shows when someone joins the event – 
  5. Wall posts are ordered by activity, therefore any discussions will stay at the top if they are important
  6. The wall will only allow comments from people who are attending, or might do so
  7. You can easily turn off notifications for events by clicking the cog in the top right
  8. The admin will get notified if someone who you invited has joined the event
  9. Multiple friends can invite you to the same event
  10. Guest suggestions are also shown on the right when you invite people
  11. If someone declines an event, only the people who invited them will get notified
  12. If they state why they can’t attend, the message will be filtered out of the wall and into the ‘view declines’ area
Create a new Facebook event

How can you use these features for better attendance at your event?

Engage your fans

When you maintain a Facebook page, you create posts that should spark engagement. This should also be taken through to your events page. As the wall now arranges any posts by their activity, you want to keep people engaged in the most important conversations. This keeps them at the top, where you want it to be. Unlike Facebook pages, the posts won’t just drift to the bottom of the timeline, never to be seen again, as long as you keep them alive.

As people that are attending, or might attend can post on the wall, keep an eye out for any support questions people might have.You might have the most complete event description around, with links in all the appropriate places but people will still ask questions, so make sure you are ready to answer them in a timely manor like you would your page.

Invite your friends

Make use of the ability to invite your profiles friends, you still can’t do this as a page, however join the event as your profile and start inviting! People aren’t going to find your event unless you put it in front of them.

While creating engaging content on the wall, remind people that they can bring a friend.

With the new suggestions feature, they will hopefully invite more than they used too as they will be reminded of others.

Thank your attendees

When a new person joins your event, they are now shown on the wall. Make sure you use this as an opportunity to thank them for attending. It takes two seconds of your time, and makes that person feel a little bit happier that they are coming to your event, especially if they had to pay money to attend!

Facebook adverts

This isn’t so much to do with the update, but a means to getting your event in front of your target audience. Facebook ads have always been a very successful way of getting more people to your pages and events, so don’t forget to make use of it.

I have heard people have a lot of success when they put a short time period on their advert, with the same budget as if it was spread over a long period of time. The advert is more likely to be displayed regularly. This is due to Facebook wanting to spend the full budget before the time is up. So if your event is only one or two days away, Facebook ads are still a viable option to increase the people attending your Facebook event.

If you decide to go down this route, make sure you remember to split test your Facebook ads.

How have you found the change to the Facebook Events? What techniques do you find works for you? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Kerin Graham

    what does it mean to “turn off notification?”

    •  Hi Kerin, when you attend an event, you will receive Facebook notifications whenever anyone posts on the event pages wall, there is now a quick way to turn these off.

      • I’m looking for that “cog” button now in the upper right to turn off the notifications….I do not see it! any tips?

  • AA

    i actually really dislike the feed created when someone joins the event. I throw rather large events so the wall is just filled with this pointless stories, which then discourages engagement with the wall with comments, links etc. Is there any way to turn this off?

    • That is a good point AA, the walls can now become full of people joining. I’m afraid you can’t turn this off at the moment. Have you taken any steps to getting around this?

      • This is really driving me nuts. I create several events pr week for a group of over 800 people and I REALLY don’t need a notification for people who are and aren’t attending.

        • Andrew

          Yup. No fun to get a pile of notification of who is and isn’t coming. What a waste of mental space. I much rather just check in when I want to see who is going and not.

          • Hi Andrew, thank you for commenting. Just to check, have you changed your personal settings?

            You can find this in Privacy settings > Notifications > Events

          • Sandrazandra_

            Hi Sam! When i go to privacy settings there is no such field for “notifications” can you help 🙁 ? 

          • Hi Sandrazandra, Thanks for commenting!

            You should be able to see the ‘Notifications’ link in the left menu of ‘Account settings’ (not privacy settings).

            Hope that helps,

      • The biggest issue I find now is that you run the risk of inviting the same people TWICE to the same event if you have several groups of people with people who overlap. It used to be FACEBOOK shaded the people you’d already invited…now I have to manually look through the entire list of people I’ve invited and see if someone is in there…because I can’t necessarily remember who I invited from which list. Frustrating. And I totally agree with the pointlessness of having the affirmatives be a wall post, rather than just show up on the left hand side. Too much change. Thanks for this post, though…good stuff!

        •  Hi Francesca. That’s is certainly a pain! I wonder if this functionality was meant to be removed. I would be surprised if Facebook deliberately wanted you to invite the same people multiple times. Thank you for posting!

  • Belle853

    Does everyone on the invite list get notified each time someone posts a comment or states that they are going?

    • Everyone who is attending an event will get a notification when someone posts on the wall, but not when someone new joins. However they can disable the notifications by clicking the cog at the top right. I hope that helps Belle.

      • Belle853

        Thank you for your help!

      • How do you turn this off for events you are invited to as a default setting? Having to go to each event and click the cog by default is rather aggrivating.

        • If anyone finds out the answer to this, it’d be great, because when you get “invited” to 5+ events a day, most being out of town, I don’t care to see what everyone who is going is posting!!!

          That is the most frustrating change so far, and also to the “erroneous feature” of inviting people multiple times, I really think Facebook actually wanted that feature to ensure that it can flood people with enough advertisements under the hope that eventually one will get through.
          I’m thinking of all the “event promoters” I’ve known over the years, and they always jump at the opportunity to promote their events, often more times than one, just so it remains in your memory, so this is the “facebook” incarnation of that, probably recommended/suggested by multiple people.Just my $.02.P.S. it’s had the opposite effect in my case, really making me consider deleting anyone I don’t know personally just so the “notifications” are not overwhelming.Why should I by default be forced to see what Jenny in Oklahoma thinks about an event that I’m not attending and was only invited by someone I knew there?BOO FACEBOOK for THAT!

  • LS

    Not a great thing that people can no longer see who’s NOT coming. It helps other people see if their friends/family are coming and also EASILY helps admin. track Y/N responses. Now I have to read back thru endless notifications to track No’s and make my own list. FB definitely made this task difficult! 

  • Do the event notifications stop when an event goes over a threshold of people invited to it?

    • Hi Jason, Thanks for your comment!

      You can invite an unlimited amount of people to an event. However you
      can only invite 100 people at a time, and have a maximum of 300 pending
      invites. I haven’t been able to find any indication that the number you
      receive changes with the more people you add. i.e. if you add lots of
      people, you will still get lots of notifications.

      If they are annoying you, you can still turn off notifications by using the cog in the top right of the event page.

  • I get notifications EVERY TIME someone posts on the wall in an event  I haven’t approved or denied, does this mean every time i get an notification i have to click the cog on it?!? surely theres a way to DISABLE ALL?!? #annoyed

    • Hi Curt, thanks for commenting! You can disable notifications for events by going into Privacy settings > Notifications > Events. I hope that helps!

      • Erez

        no, it doesn’t work.

        • Hi Erez, I have looked into this further and it seems like it’s a Facebook bug. It seems that using the cog on each event is the only solution at the moment. However be aware that if you decline an event, you may not be able to see the cog at all!

          • This is the most aggravating thing that has happened to Facebook in recent memory. It makes the site near unusable.

  • Katharine.Moore

    I just created an event and I know that some people that were invited rarely get on line or on FB. Is there a way to RSVP for them – as the event organizer? 

    • Hi Katharine, I believe there isn’t a way to RSVP people without them accepting an invitation through Facebook, however if you find a way, do post back as I would love to know!

    • Lizzie

      Create an email address in gmail as an RSVP and then set up a vacation reply in gmail that sendsd them an automatic thank you for their RSVP.

  • Julianadasilva10

    how can i set the last day for people to confirm that they are going to the event? like i wanna put a last day to confirm it

    • Hi Julian, good to see you here!

      I don’t think there is a way to do this at the moment – However I am trying to find out if there is a work around for you. I will get back to you soon!


    • Hi Julian,

      OK the only solution I could find was to enter the details in a prominent location in the description. You should then keep a note of who is attending using something like Evernote.

      I hope that helps,

  • Amanda

    Is it possible to have events lasting for weeks at a time? Like put a start date and an end date?

    • Hi Amanda, this isn’t possible within the events, however I would suggest entering the start date and stating in the description how long the event will run.

      It would definitely be a useful piece of functionality! If anyone else knows a better way, or Amanda if you find an alternative way, I would love to know.

      Thanks for commenting,

  • frustrated

    Hey Sam – is there a way to prevent people from posting in invite-only events?. I’m trying to keep the guestlist and those who are attending private. However, once people start accepting or posting on the wall, then everyone and their mother who is attending can view them – defeating the guestlist being private functionality.

    • Hi, Thanks for commenting!

      If you create the event as invite-only, then only the people who have been invited can see the event in the search, view the wall, and attend the event. Everyone else shouldn’t be able too.

      Take a look at Facebook’s help document – http://www.facebook.com/help/events/create for more info on the privacy settings.

      I hope that helps!

  • Tonyw

    I play in a band and I ask everyone to invite their friends ( they think are interested and live nearby)..  well many of us shar some of the same friends!  They use to be greyed out, now I have NO way of knowing unless I was to look at the hundreds of names in the invited list.   So to avoid the risk of double or triple annoying invites, I think we may just stop sending them.

    • Yes the new update hasn’t turned out to be as good as I originally thought it would be. It’s as if they removed more functionality than they actually added – not great!

      Thanks for commenting Tonyw,

  • Ruth Hennell

    This is so stupid, I can hide the guest list/attendees list, but all the event acceptances get added to the wall, defeating the point of this setting…

    • Hi Ruth, that’s not quite correct, only people invited to a private event can see the wall. So everyone who has been invited will see others who are attending (not too private) but everyone else won’t even know the event exists!

      Thank you for commenting Ruth!

  • Mike Mcnamara69

    Can you, as the creator of an event, switch off notification of those declining?

    • Hi Mike, I don’t believe there is a way to single out notifications for people declining. If you find a way, I would love to know!

      Thanks for commenting :)Sam

  • KB10

    Great article Sam!

    I have a separate page I run separate from my profile page where I create events for different cities throughout the country. If I create an event for these cities, is there a way to only target people in that city? i.e. If I have an event in Miami, is there a way to only invite those who have liked my page who are from Miami (I don’t have any friends on this page, just likes from people in different cities) so that people in L.A. don’t have to see this event? I know you can target wall posts to different locations, but can you do this with events? Thanks!

    • Hi KB10, I don’t think this functionality is currently available – However it would be very useful!

      You can obviously target paid adverts for your event, however this probably isn’t the solution you were looking for.

      If you, or anyone else finds a solution to this, please do share it as I would love to know how you overcame this.

      Sorry I can’t be any more help!

  • LyleK

    Notifications in Facebook settings refers to emails. There is no way to control the notifications you receive via the three little icons at the top of the page. 🙁

    It used to be that the majority of posts on an event page were people’s polite excuses for declining. There were rarely posts from people accepting the invitation, so it looked a bit depressing.

    With the new changes, they’ve shifted the decline messages to a separate tab. I think that’s great because I might want to read them, but I don’t want them cluttering up the page.

    But instead, they now notify me constantly (via the icon at the top of the page) when people decline, but not when they accept. Which is also depressing. Then I go look at the page and fortunately it looks like a lot of people have said yes. But unfortunately it also shows an empty post from each one just saying they are attending, which clutters the event wall.

    So Facebook, here’s what I want. No notifications (I am talking about the top of the screen) for people responding to the event invitations. Just the list of yes/no/maybes on the left side will do. No automatic posts on the event wall. Any posts should be something that people have deliberately chosen to post. Are you listening?

    • Hi LyleK,

      I hope they are listening! It seems as if the updates (which were originally promising) has just ended up annoying a lot of people! Especially where the notifications and the wall posts are concerned which is interesting becuase one of their aims was to clear up the walls from exuses and display relevant information to your guests.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • The problem i have with it is i cannot see the wall of the event i have created everyone i have invited who is attending or maybe attending can see the wall and post on the wall, my husband could see the wall also until he accepted and thus became a host of the event as well, i can see the wall to a degree with android on my phone but cannot see any posts i have left on the wall, with my phone, i have tried using IE firefox and google chrome, as has my husband on his computer , we have cleared cache rebooted pc but we still cannot see the wall, as you can imagine its rather hard to run an event when you cannot see the wall posts .. any ideas????

    • Hi Tessa, great to see you here! I believe this is a very new bug with Facebook, it will hopefully be fixed soon!

  • I created an event on FB but I can’t view any wall posts and I can’t post anything on the event wall. Any help?

    • Same here. Seeing it popup all over the internet now. Please submit a bug report. Only the host has this problem!!! They need to fix it ASAP!!!

      • Yep this is certainly a pain. I’m sure they will fix it soon! Thanks for commenting!

    • PK

      I have the same issue with event I created yesterday. Submitted a bug. This is so far the only site I found users describing the same issue.

    • Roger Christenson

      I’m having the same issue right now. Not just for events I create, but any events I attend. I can type ina post and click post, other people can see it, but I can’t.

  • stillfirestudios

    Is there any way to turn off the wall posts when people join the event? It’s a cool feature, but it keeps pushing actual informational posts to the bottom of the wall.

    • Unfortunately not 🙁 lot’s of people have been complaining about those posts (as you will see in the other commetns). Hopefully Facebook will give us some more settings soon!

      Thanks for commenting!

  • livia

    My problem is that as a page administrator it won;t let me invite to my event people who like my page but only people whom I am friend with. I find this completely defeats th point! If you create an event for people who like your page you surely want the m to know about your event rather than all of your friends some of hwich might live elsewhere or might be disinterested in teh event! Any help with the matter? Thank you!!!

    • Hi Livia,

      The reason Facebook have made it like that, is so marketers don’t spam everyone with event invites (only their friends).

      Instead, you need to use Facebook adverts to get to the people that you aren’t already connected too. If your event has a marketing budget then it is good to experiment with the adverts, otherwise, try and use a Facebook page, and external website to promote it as much as possible.

      Thanks for commenting!!

  • I have to change dates on my events on my group page once in awhile and so now they are out of order… is there anyway to fix this?

    • Hi Christina,

      Great to see you here!
      I’m not too sure what you mean, can you give a few more details?


  • Hi there, great thread.. im hoping you can help or the right people are “listening”.. Is there a way to turn off “pointless” notifications
    for those who have been invited to your event? or at least choose what people

    When hundreds of people are invited to an event, acceptances invariably
    push important information down the page and you have the added dilemma of
    people posting on the wall – which then leads to a lot of people complaining
    about “facebook spam”. It’s all a bit of a management nightmare!

    I only want people to see what they NEED to see.. and not feel hounded..
    As an event organiser I would like people to receive the invitation but not
    have it keep bugging them every time someone posts to the wall. I know people
    can turn it off themselves (not only is that counter-productive) but not all
    people know how or can be bothered learning .. and they just “switch
    off” and/ or usually complain!! and usually to others.. you then get a bad
    reputation and then event suffers!!

    I know a lot of people are leaving facebook in droves.. maybe this type
    of thing is part of the reason.. people get sick of feeling over-exposed,
    “over-contactable”, hounded, pressured and just want to be left
    Additionally I agree the functionality of inviting “pages” and “groups” that you administer would be awesome!! AND Maybe it wouldnt be seen as Spamming if you could “just invite them” rather than contacting them everytime someone “sneezes” on the wall!!
    Additionally I agree the functionality of inviting “pages” and “groups” that you administer would be awesome!! AND Maybe it wouldnt be seen as Spamming if you could “just invite them” rather than contacting them everytime someone “sneezes” on the wall!!

    Your suggestion of promoting using your “marketing budget” ..
    not an option when you are putting on a fundraiser with all proceeds to
    charity.. the last thing we want to spend $$ on is facebook advertising..
    especially when the accepting the fb event just bugs the heck out of people..

    Cheers.. hope you can help?? Im (more than) starting to avoid posting anything to the event wall just I dont put people off and they end up declining the invite!!!

    • Hi Amanda, Thank you for commenting.

      I can assure you that you are not the only one with these pains. This post was originally created when the Facebook events update was new and exciting, it has since turned out to be quite the annoyance.

      Unfortunately Facebook haven’t provided a way to minify the number of notifications that people recieve – or only recieve notifications from the event organaiser – despite this functionality being in demand from organisers like yourself.

      It seems to me that the functionality is great for events for friends and families where you might want to receive a notification for every wall post, however for big events like fundrasers, it’s not a pleasant experience.

      I’m sorry I can’t offer a solution, hopefully this will change in the near future!

      Thanks again Amanda,

  • Hayley Derwin

    I made an event, but nobody got the notification… Why is this? How do i change?? Helppp!!!

    • Hi Hayley, great to see you here!

      If you have created an event with your profile, you need to invite your friends to the event, there should be an ‘invite friends’ link on the popup you use to create the event. If you don’t invite people, they won’t get any notifications.

      If it was created with your page, you can only invite your friends, all of the fans of your page won’t get a notification or message. Instead you have to post updates on the wall and link to the event.

      I hope that helps!

  • Clara

    Hello Sam! I have created an event twice, setting up all the information, inviting people, and I actually making it public… but once it’s done, it won’t let me edit the content on the description, or invite more people!! although I’ve been told by invited people that they CAN invite someone else… it’s stupid that I can’t invite additional people, being the host!… I open the edit window, or the Invite window, I try to make changes or additions, and when I click “Save”, the screen just flicks, but it doesn’t go away, so in fact it doesn’t actually do anything… so all that’s left is to click “Cancel”… please help! =(

    • Hi Clara,

      That sounds very odd! It sounds like a bug with the Facebook platform, it might be browser specific so I would suggest trying a different browser first – e.g. Chrome or Firefox – You should be able to try it again on the event you have created to save you having to re-create it again.

      Beyond that, as it’s a bug there isn’t much I can do to help other than assure you it shouldn’t be working that way. I would suggest submitting a bug report to Facebook letting them know which browser your using, and what steps they need to take to replicate the issue.

      You can submit a bug report on this page – scroll to the bottom

      Sorry I can’t be more help,

  • JenMags

    If I post something to the wall of an event, or edit the event, will all the invitees (not declines) get a notification? what if something changes with the event. I know you can’t send messages anymore, so how do you do this.

    • JenMags

      ps: i am the event creator in this scenario

      • Hey Jen! Great to see you here.

        If you post on the wall of the event, people who are attending will get a notification – unless they have specifically said they don’t want notifications.

        The last time I checked, updating the information on a page didn’t send out a notification, so it’s a good idea to post on the wall if you need to draw peoples attention to something.

        I hope that helps!

  • Charger

    I created an Event two days ago, It is public. It is for a high school reunion. I invited all the classmates from my friends list. Other people who are on Facebook but who are not on my friends list say they can not search it. Does it take a few days for an Event to be searchable on Facebook? I also have a food page & I know that took a few days. Thanks.

    • Hey Charger! Thanks for commenting.
      Yes it will take a couple of days for the event to appear, the event’s are normally quicker than the Facebook pages, but anything new on Facebook always takes a couple of days.

      Hope that helps and your event appears soon!

  • Hi Sam–
    We created a FB event for our band, but I put myself as the host and not the band. Now I can’t “add” the band’s fan page, nor add them as a host or anything. So there is nothing in the band’s event page about the event, I have to post it in the feed…help!

    • Hi Nancy, I’m afraid I haven’t encountered this problem before, so I’m not too sure of a solution.
      However I believe if the band ‘attends’ your event (using their page) then that should show in within their event information.
      I hope that helps, I’m sorry I don’t have a more definite answer.

  • DigitalOracle

    Hi, I know that this post is almost a year old but I thought I ask anyway, in case anybody is facing the same issue like I do. I’m the host in a couple of events (not the creator), and for the few forst messages that my guests posted on the events’ walls I would get notifioed. Sadly that’s not longer the case. I haven’t turned off the notifications at these events or changed any settings since I bacome host. Does anybody expiriencing the same or knows I way to turn them back on and not having to check the events every five minutes for potential posts?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hey DigitalOracle, thanks for commenting! That’s odd that it’s just turned off! The first thing to check – if you go into the event and click the cog, does it say ‘Turn off notifications’? or ‘turn on’ – if it’s turn on then that’s your solution right there.

      Let me know if that is all turned on and your still not getting any and I will see what else I can find.

  • nikkinautumn

    Something has changed recently and I can’t “invite” friends to my event. I click on “invite friends” the friends come up and I can select as many as I like…but there is on SUBMIT or ENTER button. There is nowhere to go ?????? UGH

    • Hey Nikkinautumn, great to see you here! I believe this is just a Facebook bug, the first thing is to try using a different browser, it’s surprising the effect a different browser can have on Facebook. If you still can’t invite your friends, I’m afraid your going to have to wait it out – it shouldn’t take too long before they fix that type of error.
      I hope that helps!

  • DE Germany

    Hi all,

    I wanted to invite for an event Charty people.
    An error message occurs even at AN invitation for one person.
    Facebook does not consider it necessary to respond. Facebook will confirm there.

    Helps me please …

    “Invitation can not be sent
    We regret to inform you that you apparently sending them invitations to people who want to accept this. Make sure to invite only people you know and of which you assume that they would like to attend the event. You can then send invitations when more people have accepted that. “

    • Hey DE Germany, I’m afraid I haven’t seen this error before, could you talk me through the steps your taking before you get the error?


  • lisakettwig@yahoo.com

    what do you do when you get the message that says you are trying to invite people that dont want the invite but thats not true

    • Hey! Great to see you here!

      This is normally caused by a bug in Facebook, I would suggest trying a different browser (like Chrome or Firefox) then having another go.

      Let me know if that helps.
      – Sam

      P.S. Sorry for the slow reply, I was away last week.

  • I find it highly frustrating that I can’t post on the wall of any events that I haven’t created as my artist page but that I perform at as an artist, can only post as my personal profile! I have many ‘fans’ who are not my personal friends & I try to keep my personal profile & artist page as separate as I can, but this is not easy because I can’t reach or thank anyone generally by a wall post….yeh ok I can comment as my artist persona but given that is possible why not be able to post a normal wall post on the event as my page too!? PLUS used to be able to ‘join’ my own page events as my page & invite fans to it too but now can’t ? Any feedback or inside info on whether this may change most welcomed! Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Lorna, I feel your pain.

      I believe Facebook are trying to make their events more about the people, and less about the brands – even though events are largely used by bands / groups.

      Therefore they have not only limited posts from pages, but they are also starting to limit the number of invites that can be sent out.

      In my opinion, they are making the events pages a nightmare for organisers and attendees alike. I hope they sort it soon.

      In the mean time, a fix for your situation (that does break FB rules, so I probably shouldn’t be saying this) is to create a profile with your bands name, that way you can continue to post as your band – the disadvantage of this is if people click through to your profile, you probably won’t have many friends (or pictures / posts / etc), which won’t look too great.

      I’m sorry that I can’t offer a better solution at this time.
      – Sam

  • None of my attendees are getting the wall posts, even when they use the cog to turn on notifications. I post daily on
    the wall and also post engaging questions and such, and everyone complains theyre not seeing anything in their feed or getting notifications when I post. I AM posting from the “administrator” account… and still nothing. I also allow others to post on the wall. Any ideas?


    • Hey Ke’lona! Thanks for commenting.

      I’m afraid I haven’t come across this issue before, however I’m aware that Facebook are making a number of changes to how the events work at the moment, so there is a big chance that they have created a bug (they are very good at creating bugs). I’d suggest you keep on posting in the hope they fix this as soon as possible.

      I’m sorry I don’t have a better solution for you at this time.

  • gobind

    My fb event’s “message guests” option has disappeared, do you have any ideas about the reason?

    • Hi Gobind! I can still see the “message guests” button – click the cog in the top right, second one down?

      If it’s suddenly stopped appearing for you, it’s probably just a Facebook bug, try using a different browser (Like Chrome or Firefox) to check.

      I hope that helps!

  • thanks

    Hi, how do i make sure no one writes on the wall of the event anymore? thanks

    • Hey! I’m afraid you can’t stop people posting to the wall on an event. You can however turn off notifications by clicking the cog at the top right – that way they will stop annoying you! 🙂
      – Sam

  • I want to throw a surprise party for my husband and invite many of his friends (that aren’t fbk friends of mine)… is there a way to invite them to the event?

    • Hi Alicia!

      Unfortunately you have to be FB friends with the invitees to be able to send an invitation. Attendees however can send additional invites, so you could ask them to send it to their connections.

      I hope that helps!

  • Lisa MK

    When creating a public event, can everyone that has joined see the profile of the one who creates the event, even though they are not FB friends?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes they can. They can also view the profiles of anyone who has been invited / is attending / is not attending.

      If you would like to hide your profile away a little, I’d suggest you go through the privacy settings and hide content from people who aren’t your friends.

      I hope that helps! Thanks for the comment.

      • Lisa

        I accidentally joined an event. I accisently clicked join throigh my ph. The event was almost a year ago so it’s been long over. I saw myself pop up on the wall as going. I immediately re-clicked the join tab and 3 options popped up, I chose not attending and then I disappeared from the wall posts and the invite list. I was not invited to this public event and I’m not FB friends with the creators. So my question is, would they have gotten a notification from me when I accidentally joined? Even though we aren’t friends. Or was it just on the post wall till I unjoined? Am I on the decline lost now? Point is, this was an accident and I want no record of having joined, so does it send notifications for just joining and unjoining, or for actual written comments from attendees on the wall. Please clarify!

  • alli

    I hate this… I’ve tried creating an event page but can’t add people who aren’t on my ‘friends list’ , nor by email anymore! I’m boycotting facebook and going back to the traditional way.

  • Shonda

    Is there a way to ask those who have not responded to the event to kindly respond if they are able to attend or not (or maybe)? We are trying to get an approximate head count.

  • Mindful Mimi

    I have posted an event on someone’s FB page and the admin has asked me to remove it.
    How do I do that?

  • JeanRuth01

    How do you ENABLE the posts on the event wall??? I’ve been getting
    notifications about posts but can’t see them, some of mine aren’t
    showing and some are, it’s weird. I know there’s a view declines page
    but nothing is there either. please help!

  • PAJ

    I don’t see a reminder on events anymore. You used to be able to send the same invitation to guest to remind everyone about the even and those who have not RSVP’d. How do I resend it to everyone??

  • Michelle

    How do I invite people to the event if they are not my FB friend, they are friends of the event?

  • Aria

    I’ve created an event, but when I post on the event page, it no longer sends a notification to my guests. Any idea why?

  • Trish Whyley

    why cant I share my event on a page i manage???

  • rama

    I keep getting notification to join/ attend an event, and no amount of hovering over the right side has anything coming up to disable it. I have also gone to the notifications, and have disables / clicked the off but still it is there, and now i have also unfriended the person who running these events, still the event notification is still there. i hate FB in involving everybody in things they are not interested, and making us browse the net for ways to solve / disable all these features. Please help me.

  • Kaleema

    I cant seem to get all of the host names displayed on the event. when i scroll over to (+5 other people) only 2 names are displayed. how do i fix this?

  • ringo Starr

    Hi, I find event notifications occur too late. I’d like to be notified hours before am event is due to start, but it only seems to notify you about 20 mins beforehand, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change it. Is there a way to do so? There should be…

    • Bobbie

      Did you ever work out if this can be done? I’d like notifications a couple of days before. Or at least a day before. 20 minutes is too late. Help!

  • Scott Irish

    I just received a private message from my business page and this person asked me to stop sending them invites, notifications, emails, etc. I haven’t done any of the above except he did make a comment last week which I did not like so I removed the comment. The only thing I can think of is that he is receiving future notifications as someone else posts to this event page. Is there anything I can do or should I just simply reply back and ask him to block my page?

    • Hey Scott – Sounds like the user is blaming you for Facebooks functionality – very nice of them. They will need to mute your page themselves. They can do this by clicking the down arrow next to your post and click “I don’t want to see this”, or they can unlike your page.
      Sorry to hear you’re having this problems.
      – Sam

  • cathy

    when i click “view declines” on my facebook event, i am taken back to the event page and cannot see the decline posts…why??

    • Hey Cathy, sounds like a Facebook bug to me. Have you tried using a different browser?
      – Sam

      • cathy

        no, but i will…thanks sam 🙂

  • Alex

    hello there! I host a lot of events that have changes that require me to edit the minor details of an event. is there any way to stop notifying people who are attending the event that the event has been edites?

  • Can someone help me? I get notifications of people going to events. I don’t care about people going to events. Is this yet another annoying unasked for thing we cannot remove??

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  • jkayeh

    Is there A Setting Where Only The Event Creator Is Able To See RSVP’s?

  • Joanne

    As an event host, is there a way I can respond for some invitees? A few people verbally told me they’ll be attending – but did not select “WILL ATTEND” on the event notice. Can I do that for them … so others are updated as to attendance ? Thanks !

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  • John Nerkoffsky

    I created two events to help two dogs who urgently need the help. Some people joined the events (34 and 28), but nobody sent even 1 euro. There are enclosed the pictures of injured, sick dogs and information, where they are and what they have. The bank details and PayPal are given from foundations who haven’t any money to help the dogs.
    What in your opinion mean the words: “I’m going”? For me this means that a person is willing to help and send a donation. The persons can share the events to wall of their friends, without “join” the event. They only increase the number of persons who are “going”, but don’t help.

    Thank you for answer.

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    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Lisa 🙂

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  • Charity Balch

    Is there a way to save your event before you publicize it? So I can go back later and make revises and then actually do the inviting. without it going live as soon as I click Create. Sometimes I need more time to edit my description,

  • jen

    How the hell do you add a photo as tour cover on your event page from a cellphone?!??????? Please help

  • carol anne

    I want to change the date of an event that already took place. Just want to not have to invite everyone again. how can a reset the event/change the date on an old event page? Also how about a “select all” button for events. that would be helpful!

    • carol anne

      I answered my own question. in case you are interested…you can select the box with the three dots … next to the edit event button and select copy this event. it allows you to recreate the event or edit and not have to re-invite all your guests. thanks anyway. <3

  • Haley

    I have a question…I created an online FB event that is on going for 2 weeks & not too many people I invited said they were “going”. Does that mean that everyone else who I invited won’t get any notifications of the updates/posts that have been made on the event page? If so, how can I reach out to those who didn’t say they were “going” yet to remind them of how many days are left for the on-line event? Thank you for your help!

  • Theresa oldham

    In the past I could see how many people were invited , how many maybe and how many attending. It was a public event so when someone invited their friends the invited number would go up. Now all I can see is how many are coming. Can I change this?

  • nikki

    if you havent invited someone to an event will it show up on everyone elses timeline?

  • 1boyzmom

    I tried to share the event for my knitting class on my wall and this pop up happened:
    This message contains content that has been blocked by our security systems.
    What does that mean?

  • Ahmed Hussam

    i have a problem the interseted people to my event does not recieve any notifications from my post !
    what can i do please ?

  • Susan Farinelli-Cowan

    I just had a party in May and was able to post a picture for my event. It seems that now I don’t have that option. Why?? So far, I am not liking the changes. Another thing I wish was available is a way for people to sign up to bring something. We have large parties and it would be great to have that option and know what people are bringing so I can fill in the gaps.

  • rickbright

    I get pages I don’t want to see or want to stop following, but they don’t give me the choice, I am forced to keep them on my page! Usually on most I can select the arrow in the upper right and request not to see or follow someone…not with some. Why? It only lets me “Save Link” “Turn off notifications” “Report to Admin” or “Report/Mark as Spam”…Where others like the Weekly Standard will give me the option of “Hide Post” or “Unfollow the Weekly Standard” just as an example. But more and more will not give me that option…and I don’t even know the people putting the pages on my Facebook page! Why?

  • Unsure User

    If an admin were to edit the description of an event, will everyone invited to the event be able to see the edit history? Or would the previous version(s) of the description just be removed totally?

  • Megan Lane

    Does anyone know why the number invited is dropping on its own?

  • Sam

    Hi there
    I am wondering if there is a way to invite someone to an event without them getting a notification as I forgot to invite a friend but don’t want them to realise that and to think I invited them the whole time but they didn’t see it is there any ability to do this. I know super guilty here

    Concerned friend :/

  • Deenna Hans

    I have had people RSVP via email how can I change there invite to going on the event page?

  • Eve Entwisle

    I’ve just created an event, but it seems that none of the people I have invited, have been notified that they are invited to an event!? Am i missing something?

  • Barbara Harris

    I would like to invite feedback on events. (like training events) Never used FB events before, can comments be added after the event? Can a number of people to be able to post events on a community page?