Facebook text links now appearing in news feeds even less!

Facebook updated algorithm reduces text-only post visibility

Common knowledge for Facebook pages is that each post won’t go out to your entire audience.

Just because someone has liked your page, doesn’t mean they will see your update.

In a recent announcement, Facebook declared they have updated their algorithm to determine how many times a post from a page goes out into the news feed.

There are two significant changes to this update.

First, the bad news:

Facebook text posts (no links, no images, no video etc) will no longer be displayed as many times as other post types within users news feeds.

This is because text posts from other friends received a higher interaction rate, however text posts from pages had the exact opposite result during a test that Facebook ran to determine interaction levels of the different post types.

So Facebook made the decision to decrease the number of text posts that goes out to users who have liked your page.

But it’s not all bad…

The good news!

As a result of decreasing the number of text posts that go out to the news feeds, they have increased the amount of visibility to other post types AND changed the way statuses with a link works.

Previously we would insert a link in with the text, like this:

original Facebook link share post

Instead of that, I suggest you add a Link-Share item so it will appear like this:

New Facebook Link-share post

To create a link-share post, you have to add the link into your post like before – this should automatically find a picture and text from the linked source – you can then remove the link from your post as the image and text that’s pulled in can be clicked.

Doing it this way will give your links a bigger impact in the news feeds.

Key takeaways

  1. Text posts from pages are now displayed less in the news feeds
  2. Text posts from your profile page are displayed more frequently
  3. Image, video and link-share posts are displayed more frequently from pages
  4. Link-share items have been redesigned to have a bigger impact
  5. Link-share items no longer need the link to be within the text of the post

Remember, if you’re posting from a page, always try to add some sort of media to your posts for the biggest reach.

If you’re promoting through a profile, consider increasing the number of text posts you create.