Generating post ideas: Using Google Analytics

Content generation using Google Analytics

Generating post ideas has been discussed on this website a few times, but the key is finding a method that works for you.

Trawling through other peoples websites, using online shops like Amazon or getting inspiration from being out and about may generate a few post ideas, but it might not be sustainable.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the world of statistics.

Specifically, your website’s statistics.

By looking at key elements in Google Analytics, we can identify pages that are working for you and should be able to generate more content as a result.

Where to start

If you haven’t already got Google Analytics set up, run through this tutorial over on HubSpot and start monitoring your traffic.

Once you’re up and running, head on over to your Google Analytics dashboard.

Clicking on your websites account will take you into your audience overview for that site.

Even though this is useful for checking the growth of your website, it’s not going to help us with new post ideas.

Site Content

The first place to check is the Site Content. You can access this by clicking Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages.

In here, you will see a top 10 list of your most visited pages in the past month.

Whether these are blog pages, or standard pages of your website it doesn’t matter.

Those pages have something that people want.

That something, is a topic you can continue to create articles about.

Consider what follow up pages could you create to compliment that popular post.

Can you argue the opposite point of view or suggest an alternative solution?

Is there any advice you can provide on the topics of those pages?

Site search

Next, we want to dive into the world of search.

Specifically, our search.

Head over to Behaviour > Site Search > Search Terms.

Assuming you have a search bar set up on your website, and Google Analytics is tracking your search terms, then you should have a wealth of key terms that users are typing into your search box.

Users are searching for content on specific topics.

They have come to your website, and want to know what you have written about those topics.

Why not write more on those topics?

Google organic search

Similar to the site search, we can take a look at the terms people are searching Google to find your website.

Take a look at Acquisition > Keywords > Organic.

Google changed this section a while a go and unfortunately, most of the searches are ending up as a (not provided) value.

However a few are creeping through the gaps.

These are terms or phrases that your audience are actively searching for information on.

OK they would have already come to your website to find information on that particular topic, but are there any others that can be generated as a result?

Are there any follow up articles or ‘Advanced guides’ that relate to the search?

If so, then we’ve just discovered even more post ideas!

Content ideas can appear from all over the place. But remember, if your visitors are attracted to certain pages, and certain keywords, then normally it’s a pretty good idea to continue writing on those topics.

Be useful, be informative, be creative.