Getting work done: Tools to create your ‘to do’ list

Part of having a successful online presence consists of being organised.

Most will blog to help build their audience to then sell a product or service.

This means you are probably throwing ideas around all over the place from blog topics to features on the website to new products.

Having ideas is great, but if you’re not organised, those ideas may never come to life.

One way to stay organised is to create ‘to do’ lists.

These are quite literally lists of tasks or items that you can organise.

You can build a list of tasks to complete today, this week, this month or you can build a list of ideas.

All of these can fit nicely into a ‘to do’ list.

This article will highlight 3 tools that are great for creating ‘to do’ lists.


How could we start with anything other than Evernote?

It’s one of the more popular tools from this selection but not necessarily because of its ability to create lists.

Evernote allows you to create boards. Each board can have notes. Each note can be anything from a message, a link, a video pretty much anything.

But how about creating a ‘to do’ board – One that you can move your notes into when they need to be completed.

You could split up those tasks further and give a deadline by setting a reminder on a specific date for you to complete that task.

Evernote is a fully featured package that can do more than just a ‘to do’ list, but that could also be a reason not to use it.

That extra functionality could distract, or take away from the purpose of making our lives and ideas that little bit more organised.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have WorkFlowy.

If bells and whistles are not your thing, then this is the system for you.

A simple bullet point list format that you can expand and contract allows you to break tasks into smaller tasks and mark them as complete with a few keyboard strokes.

You can get started on WorkFlowy in a matter of minutes and start organising your thoughts into actionable steps.


T0d0ist is my personal favourite and the happy middle ground of Evernote and WorkFlowy.

You can create projects that each contain their sub tasks which like WorkFlowy, can be broken down further.

Beside the looks, the main functionality differs when it comes to adding deadlines.

You can specify when each task is due, you can then view a nice overview of all the tasks that are due today, or tomorrow.

It will send you a daily digest of the tasks you need to complete today.

Very handy for keeping you on track and completing pre-planned tasks.

Of course you’re not required to provide a deadline and this gives us the chance to store ideas within the same format.

Building your ‘to do’ lists

When creating your lists, make sure they stay organised.

Break them into projects, add sub tasks, break those sub tasks down further.

By keeping the actionable items specific, they are more likely to be completed.

Remember: There’s no such thing as a bad idea, just write it down, you never know what might come of it.

What’s your ‘to do’ list tool of choice? Let me know in the comments below.

  • NickMinolich

    Go with Workflowy + Bitrix24. Both are free and it’s the most amazing productivity combo

    • I haven’t seen Bitrix24 before. Looks like a nice piece of software. Will definitely check it out.
      Thanks for the Comment Nick.
      – Sam