How the WordPress 3.6 update is great for marketers

WordPress 3.6 update for marketers

WordPress was recently updated to version 3.6.

As a marketer, that probably isn’t very exciting at all – it’s just another WordPress update right?


These updates bring a selection of features that is going to help your online marketing.

There are 3 main features to this update that you’re going to love:

Feature 1 – Video and MP3 upload

All you pod-casters out there are going to love this.

You can now drag and drop an MP3 file into the ‘Media’ part of WordPress, then copy the generated link straight into the page you wish to display it.

WordPress will then take the link and convert it into an HTML5 MP3 player.

If you’re thinking “HTM what?”, then you just need to know that it’s going to play on mobile devices!

No longer do you have to rely on uploading your podcast to other services like iTunes, but you can have it directly on your site!

The same is true for videos. Previously WordPress would take a YouTube link and turn it into an embedded video, but now you can do the same with your own videos.

This is brilliant if you want landing pages that don’t have the extra YouTube adverts and links.

I wouldn’t recommend this for video-casts as YouTube will give you all the stats and social interaction you need to make your video a success.

But perfect for landing page videos, personal messages, or maybe even product overview videos.

Feature 2 – Improved multi-author editing

If you’re the only person editing your website, then this feature won’t really affect you.

However if you have a team of people who could be adding or editing content, then you have probably run into the “X is currently editing this page” message and not really known whether you can continue or not.

WordPress have decided to completely revamp this by preventing you from editing the page if there is someone else currently editing.

However should you need to edit the page, you can always hit the “Take over” button. This will stop the other person from editing their page and thanks to the improved auto-save feature, they won’t lose any of their changes either!

Feature 3 – Improved revisions

This is probably a feature you have only used in desperation after accidentally deleting half of a post.

And I bet you had trouble with it!

Thankfully, post revisions have been updated with a much nicer interface.

For those of you that have never used post revisions, WordPress saves a copy of your website after every save, these copies are stored as “post revisions” so they enable you to revert back to an older version.

With the new post revisions, you can quickly check the revisions to see what has changed with green highlights for added content, and red highlights for removed content.

Article editing and versioning has just got a heck of a lot easier!

Here’s the video from WordPress demonstrating the changes:

[wpvideo UmhwbWJH w=640]

Word of warning

Remember, if you are updating to the latest version of WordPress, make sure you backup both your files AND your database. The database is the most important as that contains all your content!