How to generate 20 post ideas in under 10 minutes

Generating blog ideas

The longer you create topics on a specific topic, the harder it is to come up with new ideas that bring useful content to your customers.

There are plenty of posts out there telling you to go and look at other blogs, read industry magazines, talk to industry experts; but this method is a lot easier than that, and can give your content a bit of direction.

If you’re at the point where you are running out of ideas, it would be safe to assume that you have created at least 25 articles already.

25 doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re spending between 1 and 4 hours on each article, that time soon starts to rack up!

At this stage, you have a back log of articles. If you have stats on your website, be it Google Analytics, Jet Pack or some other tool to track statistics, you will know which of those articles were popular with your readers.

Stage 1 of this process is to go through your stats and find the top 5 – 10 articles. You do have to account a little bit for time as your website might not have been as popular when you created your first article. But use your best judgement and the stats at hand to identify between 5 and 10.

Stage 2 is taking the post article and identifying follow up articles.

For example if your post was “how to add an email signup form to your website”, then potential topics off the back of that article could be “how to build your emails list”, “how to set up MailChimp”, “getting started with Campaign Monitor” or “how to make your signup form stand out”.

If you do that for each of your most popular articles, will quickly build up a large list of potential topics all based around an area that is popular on your website.

How to generate blog article ideas

Stage 3 is to then repeat this process on the new topics you have created. This stage is optional as you might have already created more articles than you can handle. But still good to complete as having a large list of potential articles is much better than having a small list.

Although you will have a challenge deciding what post to pick next!

How to generate more content ideas

This is a really simple process and can be completed within 10 minutes.

As your posts will all be around a certain theme, the content can later be recycled into an e-book or video course.

You should also find returning visitors to your website will increase as they are finding information that is relevant to them.

Once you have created enough of these follow on posts, you will be able to use your stats to figure out which general topics are most popular with your readers. You’re then able to focus your content on those topics to get the most out of the website.

I’d highly recommend you sit down for 10 minutes each month and complete these tasks, you will find enough topics to last a long time.