How to get your Facebook page higher in Google and Facebook search

Angry face due to not seeing Facebook page in the search engines

Every business that uses Facebook will want their pages to be high up in the list when someone searches for your brand on either Google, or Facebook search.

However by creating a page, you don’t automatically receive the rights to be at the top of the search results.

This article will take you through the steps required to optimise your pages for search engines.

Allowing your page to be indexed

1. Create a Facebook page username

If you haven’t done this already, make sure you create a username for your page. You can do this by going to your page and clicking ‘Edit page‘ at the top. In the ‘Basic information‘ section, create yourself a Username.

This Username must be unique and explain who you are. For example, your company name.

I have noticed that the page username is more likely to show within the search engines than the title of your page, therefore choose the username carefully!

2. Turn off country and age restrictions

Another common reason for not appearing in the search engines is because you have set a country, or age restriction. You can check this by going to your page and clicking ‘Edit page‘ at the top. In ‘Manage permissions‘ make sure that ‘Country restrictions‘ is left empty, and ‘Age restrictions‘ is ‘Anyone (13+)‘.

While you are on this page, double check that the tick box next to ‘Page visibility‘ is not ticked.

Facebook page permissions

Getting into Google

First things first, do a Google search of your page’s name to see if it appears.

If you’re not within the first couple of pages when you search for your page name, you have a little bit of work to do:

3. Make sure Google can find your page

For Google to index your page, it needs to know you exist. Just by being on Facebook, doesn’t mean that it will find you.

The quickest way to do this is to create links to your Facebook page.

This can be done by:

  • Adding links from your website
  • Commenting on popular blogs using the link to your Facebook page in the URL field
  • Creating blog posts that link to your Facebook page

Be aware that linking from other social media sites (e.g. YouTube) won’t work as they are normally ‘nofollow’ links. This means that the website will stop Google’s bots from following the link to your page, therefore it won’t find it to index it.

Google can take some time to index a page, so you have to be patient. To help it along the way, continue adding more links to your Facebook page from different sources.

Getting into Facebook search

To see if your page is appearing in Facebook search, you have to ask someone who hasn’t liked your page, to search for it. This is a little inconvenient, but if you’re not appearing, you should know about it!

Lots of people have problems getting into Facebook search, Steps 1 and 2 should be some help, however if your still having trouble take a look at this post dedicated to getting into Facebook search.

Also the Facebook search is also integrated with the Bing search engine, therefore make sure you follow the above steps to get your Facebook page into Google as this will also ring true with Bing’s search engine

Optimising your page

Now that your page is appearing in both Google and Facebook search, we will focus on getting your page to the top!

4. Enter information into your ‘About’ page

You can get to your about page by clicking the ‘About‘ link under your timeline image.

All of the text on this page gets used by search engines to determine who you are, and what you do. Not only that, it’s a great place to tell your fans this information too.

Click the ‘Edit‘ button when you hover over the about section. This will take you back into your admin screen.

Before you start editing the details here, write down of some keywords that are relevant to your business. These are words or short phrases that people might type into a search engine when looking for you.

Start with your ‘Description‘ – This should have all the information about you. Summarise it in the first paragraph, then go into detail for the rest. Once you have completed this section, read back through it and make sure you have added your keywords.

Next add your ‘About‘ section – Think of this as your tagline. It should start with a link to your website (if you have one) and then be a sentence stating who you are. Again, include your main keyword here.

Finally, continue entering details for the other sections to make your page as complete as possible.

Increasing the number of likes

Increasing the number of likes your Facebook page has will give your page more authority within Facebook and its search engine.

As your page grows, Facebook will place your listing higher than other pages with lower ‘like’ counts as it sees you as the most relevant and authoritative page.

5. Use Facebook plugins

One great way to increase the number of likes you receive is to add the Facebook like box to your website. I have seen a lot of success from companies that use the like box as people don’t have to leave your website to come and like your page!

They can like the page whilst browsing your website.

This makes it easier for them to click the button and therefore, more likely that they will!

6. Promote your page

Another way of increasing your likes is to promote your Facebook page. This means posting about it on other social networks, putting links in your email footers and posting about it on your website.

For more ideas take a look at this post on growing your Facebook likes.

Increasing engagement

The final thing you must do to help your rankings in the search engines, is to create engagement.

It’s great if you have a page with lots of likes, but if they aren’t interacting with you, then your page won’t show much authority, or have a good EdgeRank score.

7. Encourage engagement

To increase the interactivity on your page, you need to encourage your followers. Instead of promoting material about your business, ask questions – even if they aren’t relevant – and post items that they would want to share with their friends.

For more ideas on what to post, take a look at these guidelines.

8. Respond to everyone

When you respond to messages on your Facebook page, you show them that they were heard. It also provides you with an opportunity to build your relationship with that person.

Once someone starts to interact with your page, they become more likely to interact with your page in the future. Therefore you want to encourage them to keep commenting by continuing the conversation, and not ignoring your fans.

9. Be consistent

Once you start to create engagement, it does become a commitment. You do need to make sure you respond and keep posting new material. However the one thing you must do is be consistent. Make sure you post every day, this isn’t only good for your fans, but it makes shows the search engines that your page is active.

Pages with low interaction or a small number of posts do drop down the rankings, so take your time and focus on your fans.

I hope you find some of these tips useful and would love to hear if they are working for you, so do let me know in the comments below – I love hearing from you.

  • Valentino Pasta

    You’re doing good things here Sam! Though I’m still not sure why my page isn’t showing up in google search yet your articles have given me way more info tha fb ever has. Thanks! Jeff (can’t log in w Facebook -go figure! Lol)

    • Valentino Pasta

      Oh, btw I can’t log into fb apps w my iPad or iPhone either. Not sure if these are all related or not.-Jeff

      • Hi Valentino, Thanks for commenting! I’m glad your finding the articles useful :). What is your FB page name? I’d be happy to have a look to see if I can spot anything or advise in some way.

        Also, was it when commenting that you couldn’t use the FB login?


        • Valentino Pasta (Jeff)

          Hi Sam,

 thanks for checking. It looked as if I had a page set as a person Valentino Pasta but am not sure.
          Yes it was during commenting-When I click from you blog to log in w Facebook through disqus I get an error. Thanks–Jeff

          • Hi Jeff,

            You will be happy to know you are on page two of Google 🙂 which means that you need to make sure your about me page is as complete as possible (remember your keywords) and build like from other websites to your page. That should move you up the rankings but it will take some time 🙂

            Also, thanks for letting me know about the FB login issue, I will look into it

            Hope that helps!

          • Valentino Pasta

            Thanks Sam, that’s an improvement because I didn’t see it through 4 pages before. Thanks for the help and blog! Jeff

          • Not a problem Jeff, I’m glad you found it useful and that I could help! – Sam

  • Annie

    I’ve put together websites before – but facebook’s nearly brought me undone! Thanks Sam, I needed your simple step by step explanation.

    • Hi Annie, I’m glad you found the post useful! Thank you very much for letting me know 🙂 – Sam

  • Hey Sam,
    We’re trying to get our facebook likes up and going. Many people have said they have had trouble searching for our page ( in facebook search box and like others here are getting directed to different pages. We would eventually like people to be able to search for ‘less is more’ and get directed to our facebook page. Currently, however even when searching ‘less is more fashion’ they are still getting directed elsewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thank you for the information, I created my facebook business page from my personal page and I can not find it anywhere in the search engines. Do I need to start over and create a business page that has nothing to do with my personal page? Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Kathy, Thank you for commeting!

      Facebook pages are meant to be created from personal pages – in fact, unless you create a company profile (which is against Facebook rules) then it’s the only way! So nothing about there.

      Facebook is pretty slow to index a page if it’s new. There are two things you can do at this stage:
      1. Check your settings to make sure there are no restrictions (age, country etc)
      2. Wait it out – It should show up soon 🙂

      If your page isn’t new, send me a link and I will be happy to take a further look at it for you.

      Thanks again Kathy!

      • Mcdowells No1

        Hey Sam,

        Here is my facebook page and its pretty old. However, when i google it, it’s not appearing in top 30 atleast……

        • Hey!

          I just did a quick Google search for ‘McDowell’s No. 1’, I found this page – in number 7 slot, and as the first result on page 2 (position 11) – So all is working well 🙂

          If you own that other page, I would suggest merging it with your main one – unless you specifically set them up separately.

          Hope that helps!

          • Simon

            Hi Sam,

            I am having issues with a page I manage ->
            When I Goggle search for ‘Politix Facebook’ nothing comes up.

            Wondering if there are any tips that might help?

            I just changed my page country restrictions to open, so hoping this may help.
            We point to this page from the website.

            I’m lost, so reaching out and hoping you can help 🙂


          • alvin

            Unbelieveable article it helps me.

          • I’m glad you found it useful Alvin! Thanks for letting me know.
            – Sam

          • Hi Simon, I just did a quick search for your page and your page came up as the top result 🙂 so looks like everything is working.

            Facebook won’t index your page if any restrictions are set – so that is why you weren’t previous showing.

            Thanks for commenting!
            – Sam

  • I’ve just followed your tips for my page ( and it all makes so much sense. A lot of the info in the ‘About’ section, I had neglected thinking that I didn’t want to give Facebook too much info. However, from a business point of view and to be seen on search engines, these points are crucial. Thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Hey David! Yes the about page is often neglected by page owners even though it’s extremely important – not only will new page visitors visit that page, but you can add key terms in there for search (bonus!).

      I’m glad you found the article useful, thank you for letting me know 🙂

  • dolgor

    my page is how can i remove ja_jp. i am mongolian. but if i search i love herbalife in google, it appeared in japan. How can I change it to english

    • Hi Dolgor! The ja-jp is automatically being added based on YOUR location. If I click the link (with the ja-jp) it takes me to the standard Therefore it’s not a big issue that you have the ja-jp at the start of the domain,

      But if you do want to remove it, I ‘think’ you need to update the location in the page from ‘Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’ to nothing – But I’m afraid this is an educated guess, and Google will take a long time to update.

      I hope that helps, let me know how you get on!

  • Usman

    Hi Sam!
    This is usman here. I have a facebook page for my small business whose link is as follows:
    If you can visit my page and can guide what other things i need to improve my visiblity.
    My settings are perfectly fine and are as mentioned above.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hey Usman! Great to see you here!

      Well you are showing up in Facebook search, but you have some competition with your page name. So the first thing you need to focus on is building your interaction on your page, that will give it more authority.

      Directing traffic to your page from outside of Facebook is a great way to increase your ranking within Google, so add links to everything from your website, to your email footer.

      Interactivity and growth really is key with anything on Facebook, the more people you can get engaging with your page, the higher up the rankings you will go.

      Thanks for commenting, I hope that helps!

  • Megan

    I would love to begin making my business FB appear higher up in Google search, but I have done everything you have listed and I still cannot get it to appear. I looked through the first 10 pages of searches, even typed in the city and state behind the name and “facebook” behind the name and still nothing. Any suggestions?? I do not have the actual website up and running yet therefore cannot do the linking,etc. Help.

    • Hey Megan, great to see you here!

      Can you send me a link to your Facebook page so that I can take a look for you?

      Thanks! – Sam

  • Sathish_Lord

    SIr Actually you told in the 2nd point that to stop the country restriction but the problem is in my page if i leave the country restriction as blank automatically Only show this page to viewers in these countries gets disabled and Hide this page from viewers in these countries gets enabled now what can i do sir …really my head is rotating i want my page to be searchable in google… i need your help sir

    • Hey Sathish_Lord, Those settings are correct, ‘hide this page..’ should be selected. It should just be a matter of time before you appear in the search. If you send me a link, I’d be happy to look for you.
      – Sam

  • Sathish_Lord

    Sir Actually you told in the 2nd point that to stop the country restriction but the problem is in my page if i leave the country restriction as blank automatically “Only show this page to viewers in these countries” gets disabled and “Hide this page from viewers in these countries” gets enabled now what can i do sir …really my head is rotating i want my page to be searchable in google… i need your help sir

    • Hi Sathish_Lord. Thanks for commeting!

      The setting you need are:
      Country restrictions: Left blank, with ‘Hide this page from viewers in these countries’ selected

      Age restrictions: 13+

      So it sounds like your settings are correct, so it will just be a matter of waiting for Facebook to index your page in the search results.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  • FKhan

    Hey,Sam.Great article.I haven’t tried your tips yet,but they seem pretty good.I think they;ll definitely work.Anyway,I haven’t updated my page much.But I will soon.So of you have a minute,do you mind checking out my page and giving me some tips?Here’s the link.

    Thank you

    • Hi FKahn, great to see you here. First you need to get your page set up, so a nice banner image and a completed ‘about us’ section. Then the key is post lots of pictures, as your a musician, considering uploading demo videos to Facebook – this will not only promote your music, but will allow people to see the work behind the scenes.

      Good luck!


  • khuletz728

    Hi sam, can you check my account how can I be on the top google search. Im trying to search it using different name like custom made jeans, tailor made jeans. But its not showing up please help me. here’s my account:

    • Hey Khuletz728,

      This is due to your page being very new. Facebook can take up to a month to index your page in it’s search rusults, and Google is quite a bit slower than that. The best thing you can do is link to your Facebook page from outside Google using the other terms as the links text. e.g. “see our tailor made jeans on Facebok” < that links to your page – or "see our custom made jeans on Facebook".

      I hope that helps!

  • Susan

    Thanks for your help, hoping to sort out my page now I’m not on google at all need all the help I can get. I don’t have a website yet. Thanks

    • No problem Susan, Good luck on promoting your page!

  • Charlie

    Thank you for clean and step by step information. I’m now checking everything for my page to be indexed by google.

    • Hey Charlie, great to see you here! Good luck on promoting your page and thank you for the comment 🙂
      – Sam

  • Hi Sam, great pages, as a newcomer to FB I’ve found them really useful. My page wasn’t showing on a Google search so I’ve been following your advice. I can’t find the “manage permissions” section, I’m wondering if it no longer exists? Also, I’ve just signed on here via the facebook sign on ap, and I appear as myself, rather than as my business page. Can I change that? Best rgds, Sally

    • Hey Sally, great to see you here!

      To find the ‘manage permissions’ section, you need to go onto your page, click ‘Edit page’ at the top right, then select ‘Manage Permissions’ from that drop down.

      Unfortunately you can’t sign into here as your page, you can only use FB login on websites as your profile, however if you enter a name below (in the pick a name section), you can still use your company name however it won’t pull an image unless you have one set up on Gravatar.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if I can help with anything else,

  • jon

    Hey Sam thanks a lot for your posting!! My page is ranking higher.

    • That’s great Jon! Thank you for letting me know it’s working for you 🙂

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  • Doraliz Chacon

    Hi Sam, I recently created a FB business page from “scratch”. I didn´t do it from my personal profile, now it´s been over a week and it can only be found on the “search box” if you “like” it. I already “liked” my page and somehow it won´t show up on my business page therefore I can´t add myself as an administrator. Got any ideas of how I can make this work? Thank you!

    • Hi Doraliz, great to see you here! I’m slightly confused about what the problem is here. Is it that you can’t find the page in the search? or somehow you are no longer the admin of the page? (Or have I missed the plot completely!?)

      If you could also drop me a link to the page in question I’d be happy to take a look.


      • Doraliz Chacon

        Hi Sam, thanks for your reply.

        This is the thing, I created a fb business page from zero, meaning I didn´t do it from my personal profile. At first, before “liking it” my page wouldn´t show up on my fb search box, now that I´ve liked it, it does show up. My concern is that if I ever promote it, people who have FB won´t be able to search for it.

        The second problem is that since it´s only a FB page it has some limitations. I´ve been trying to add me as the administrator but it won´t let me even though I have “liked” it. Here is my link:

        If you have any questions please let me know!

        Thank you!!!!

        • Hi Doraliz,

          Ok that makes sense 🙂 With the displaying in the search results issue, I can confirm that you are now showing. Your not at the top of the list just yet, so you do need to click the “see more results” link, but 6th on the list right now – this will go up with time and interactivity.

          Regarding the admin, you will first need to like your page as yourself (as you already have). When creating a page you always need to have a profile first, whether your using that as a company profile or not doesn’t really matter, but you need to make sure your personal profile, and the profile you created the page with are ‘friends’. If you’re not connected, you won’t be able to add yourself to the admin.
          Once both profiles are friends, login to your page like normal and you should be able to add the personal profile to the admin list.

          Let me know how you get on.

          • Doraliz Chacon

            Hi Sam, thank you so much!

            I´ve been trying to add me as an admin but I don´t show up. I´ve liked it and unliked it several times, to make sure somehow I will show up as a friend but still no luck. I´ve liked everything on my page, from my cover photo, to my profile, etc.

            Got any clues?



          • Hi Doraliz,

            When you set up the Facebook page, did you use a different account to set it up? – You MUST have a profile to set up a page, this profile will automatically be an admin.

            If so, you need to make that profile, and your personal profile friends (nothing to do with the page). You then need to go back into your page admin with the profile that can access it, and add your other profile. You will only appear in the list of people who can become admins if the two profiles are “friends” with each other.

            Does that make sense?

            Hope that helps,

  • Brian Kendal

    Desperate – help needed please

  • Brian Kendal

    I was on page 1 of google and now I am nowhere to be seen please help me and tell me what i need to do – i am not brilliant with computer so i need it in plain simple english please my face book page is

    • Hi Brian,

      First off – I’m sorry for the slow reply!
      I just searched Google for “The Va Purr Lounge” and found your Facebook page as the second result! When it comes to Google, they will only index your page name – It’s been very rare that I’ve seen any pages for other content on their pages, (although in some rare cases the content from the ‘about’ section pulls through).

      Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

      • Brian Kendal

        Hi sam – thx for the reply – the problem is when people search for “electronic cigarettes leyland” or something similar is there anything I can do so it appears on the 1st page when these searches are being done (it used to be there)?

        • Hm Google will typically only show one (sometimes 2) results from any particular website. In this case, it’s showing a different page for those keywords. That other page is VERY similar to yours, in like numbers etc, but the main difference is they have more content on their ‘about’ section, so I’d suggest adding lots of content there (make sure you have the keywords in there at least twice).

          Beyond that, I’d suggest you link to your page from lots of relevant websites. Every link from a relevant source will count as a vote in your pages favour over the other one.

          So it’s just a matter of ‘out performing’ that other page.

          I hope that helps!

          • Brian Kendal

            thank you very much Sam – you can’t know how much your help means to me – I will try as you say and let you know how i go on — thx again m8

          • No Problem Brian. Good luck!

    • JJ

      Hi Sam, thanks for sharing. To simply put, will my facebook page automatically appear in front page of google search if i just commenting with the url written on several popular blogs/websites? Thanks.

      If you are interested please visit and check it out my page :

      or twitter username @jjsenayan

  • Mike C

    I tried leaving a message here last week but it never showed up. Is there a limit to the amount of words since it was quite long or do you manually approve comments? Happy to re-post or email directly. My issue has since corrected itself but still had a strange thing happen and was curious to get your opinion.

    • Hey Mike, The message ended up being marked as spam – no idea why – but I’ve moved it out and replied to it.
      – Sam

  • James Wong

    Hi Sam,
    thanks for the tips you have posted, useful to know 🙂
    I am quite new to facebook pages and i managed to get just over 50 likes for a new Parkour class, from my friends and their friends etc. I am now keen for the Facebook page to show up in google when searching “derby parkour”, however it is not listed at all, but a similar, older page is. I have even applied all your above hints The URL for mine is
    Any hhelp you can offer is appreciated.
    Ps apologies for any typos or grammar errors, my nexus 7 absolutely hated typing in this window for some reason!!

    • Hi James,

      I am happy to inform you that your page is now showing in Google 🙂 you can see this by typing (no spaces) into Google search. It will be a little while before you get onto page 1 in Google, but keep promoting your page and linking to it from outside Facebook and you should go up the rankings.

      I hope that helps!

      • James Wong

        Hi Sam,
        Thank you for the swift reply, its good to know that my page is on Google. I did a search on “derby parkour class” and it appeared on the first page. However searching “derby parkour” (which is the same as the facebook page username) doesn’t show my page at all. Even the blogspot I made linking to fb page appears on the second page but no sign of my FB one. Will Google only list one Facebook page per search?

        • Google does limit the number of Facebook results, but the number is displays changes regularly.

          Your Blogspot blog will always appear above the Facebook page at this stage as Blogspot is owned by Google – they obviously rank their own stuff higher than others – This is one of the reasons Google+ has become so popular with marketers.

          In your case, it really is just a matter of building it up and you should see your page creeping up the rankings as it gains more visitors, and more weight. Make sure your ‘about’ page within Facebook is as complete as possible and you have “Derby Parkour” entered within the text (preferably within the first line or two).

          I hope that helps!

          • Eric Vander Wiede

            Hi Sam, great info here we recently set up our Facebook fan page we are a small carpet cleaning company located south Florida. What we are struggling with is content that will be relivent for our users, there is only so many times we can post get 10% off this service or that before it becomes really old and lose users intrest in following us. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
            Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Mike,

    I’m sorry for the delay getting back to you on this, your message was filtered by the Spam filters on this comment system and I didn’t spot it – All corrected now!

    With the pinning a message issue, Facebook will automatically un-pin any pinned content after 1 week, so that would be why it has disappeared. You should still be able to find the post within your timeline. And I’m with you on your point about Facebook making life hard for marketers / business owners. They have been trying to force companies to pay for Facebooks services, there have been many conversations about it, but the general thought is “it’s very frustrating”.

    In terms of Google, Google is forever changing how it ranks Facebook pages, 1 week it will only show one result from Facebook, other weeks it will show 3 or 4. So it might have been a temporary thing that your page hadn’t appeared. I can inform you that your page is the No.1 result when I search for it using the term you mentioned.

    With your website, Google might be indexing your website with an age bracket, which means some of the results might be filtered as ‘adult content’ by default. Which would explain your site jumping up and down the results. BUT that’s just a hunch, and I couldn’t say that with any certainty.

    Unfortunately, we are forever battling with the rules and regulations of the companies we want to advertise on. This will be the case until a better / more popular system comes along, then we will follow their rules instead. It’s a never ending battle.

    Thank you for your comment! Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
    – Sam

    • Mike C

      Thanks Sam! Yes, the Facebook page did reappear but strange that it was gone during all these occurrences that happened on the same day or two. Will keep at it but as you mentioned frustrating at times.

  • Eric

    Hey Sam,
    I just created my page on June 17th 2013 and am not able to see it google’s search results. I have changed the settings and also added more to my description. I have tried what other comments said to do but haven’t had any luck. Have any suggestions?


  • Jon b

    just a small correction, nofollow just means do not pass page rank, the search engine spiders still see and count the link.

  • Li designs

    hi , how do I improve my fb business? I have settings adjusted as you said and tried interacting, but not a good response.. 🙁 can u help me???

  • JJ

    Hi Sam, thanks for sharing. To simply put, will my facebook page automatically appear in front page of google search if i just commenting with the url written on several popular blogs/websites? Thanks.

    If you are interested please visit and check it out my page :

    or twitter username @jjsenayan

  • Lisa at WinterSilks

    Hi Sam, we merged a place page with our company page on Facebook and the company page isn’t showing up in Google search, even when I search WinterSilks Facebook ( I get a new company page that is empty but that is not our page. We tried reporting it but nothing has happened. Our page is I’ve tried all the tips listed. Any thoughts? I really appreciate it!

  • Valerie

    My page isn’t showing up yet, it’s I’ve been trying… hopefully soon I’ll have some luck.

  • Andorian Okay, per your advice, I posted my link. Somebody click on it so I can get it on google.

  • Diana Watson

    My page is no where to be foud on google if i post it here will it get some vibility?

  • Deanna Wickey

    Wow this is fantastic glad I came across your site….don’t forget to check out my page – I will start to implement these right away…

  • Sovereign developers

    Very good article,Thanks for the valuable info

  • That was helpful! But putting that in action is quite difficult..Btw I love what you write! You are such an inspiration.

  • Twisted Sisters Tempe

    Thanks for the great advise! I am going to incorporate this ASAP!

  • Karen Scott

    Can you help me get my page onto google. I haven’t manged to find it at all.
    Words of Art
    Thank you! x

  • The Ponderosa Aces

    Those were all great points! Definitely saving this page to my favorites. My band’s (The Ponderosa Aces) page and are still new, so all this help getting the word out there is much appreciated! Thanks Sam!

  • Muruku4u

    Hi Sam! I admit, I’m a noob in this social media marketing.
    I do not know why my FB page doesn’t appear on Google search. I created the page on 14/1 this year. What I realized after Googling the name Muruku4u, is another blogspot appearing.
    Btw, here’s my Facebook page :

    • Hey Muruku4u,

      I’ve just checked and your page IS appearing in Google, it’s just not on page 1 yet. If you google “site:” then you will see your page appears in the list, that means Google has picked up your page.

      Make sure your “about” section is as complete as possible and keep building content and likes and you will slowly climb the ranks of Google.

      Good luck!
      – Sam

      • Muruku4u

        Hi Sam,
        Thanks for the reply!! I think my page is getting ‘stronger’ though! Thanks for the tips.
        By the way, can you please explain the difference between short description and long description. Since mine is selling snacks, perhaps you have beneficial tips you may want to share?
        Thanks Sam!

  • BeiNino

    My page is still not shown in google search how long does it normally take for them to index it in google??

  • Pavitraa

    Thanks & Good information provide.

  • FastFaceLikes

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  • Louise

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