How to link your Facebook profile to your Facebook page

Link your Facebook profile to your page

It is often better to separate your professional profile to your personal profile on Facebook. This is so you can use Facebook to help gain new customers or clients and build professional relationships as well as keeping in touch with your friends and family, but most importantly, not mixing the two.

If you have recently created your Facebook page, you may have a lot of your professional contacts mixed in with your private contacts. I would advise you not to delete your professional contacts as they are still potential customers and you want to maintain a relationship with them, just make sure that anything you post onto your profile is suitable for both audiences.

The following tutorial will provide you with a means of adding a link from your Facebook profile, to your Facebook page.

The link is located in the ‘Works at’ part of your profile.

There are two solutions to this, the first is simple, however won’t work for everyone.

1. From your profile, click ‘Update Info’

Update info on your Facebook profile

2. In the ‘Work and Education’ section, type the name of your page

Facebook Work and Education

3. If your page appears, select it, and fill in the remaining details.

That’s it!

If your page name doesn’t appear, there is a slightly more difficult process. You will need to use the browser Firefox, with the web developer add-on. Just install that and restart Firefox.

Once you have installed the toolbar:

1. Go to your Facebook page and click ‘Edit page’

Edit page

2. In the URL at the top of the page, copy the ID

Facebook page ID URL

3. Go back to your Facebook profile and click ‘Update info’

Update info on your Facebook profile

4. Enter the name of your page, this will open further fields to fill in and select the name you entered

Enter your page name

5. Using the web developer toolbar, click forms, display form details

Display form details

This will make the web page look cluttered due to lots of hidden fields now being displayed.

6. To the right of the name you entered, you should see an input field called ‘employer_id’, paste your pages ID number in there

Replace the employer ID with your page ID

7. You will now want to turn off the ‘Display form details’ by clicking tools, then display form details in the web developer bar. (Same as step 5)

8. Click add job.

Click the add job button

9. If you had a job previously entered, make sure you change the date range of that job so your page is your current work.

That’s it! If you view your profile, your work will now be your page name, and it will link directly to your page.

Once you have this set up. I highly recommend posting on other peoples pages as your page. This will increase your exposure and links back to your page.

I hope you find this tutorial useful. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or need any help.

  • Hey! I´m Ana and I work with Mac and the form details doesn´t let me paste the ID number. What can I do to be able to put my page as my Work.

    • Hi Ana! Sorry to hear your having trouble.

      Can I double check that you are able to paste the ID number somewhere else? Like a word document (or pages document). Also, are you able to type anything into the ’employer_id’ box?


  • Thanks a lot! It tooke me a while to figure things out, but it solved my problem!

    • Ah I just sent you a comment on the other post, I’m glad you found this and it helped!
      – Sam

  • Maddie

    Hi, I’m really struggling with this! Its been a couple of weeks now and i’ve tried everything, including the steps in this article and checked all my settings hundreds of times but cannot seem to link my personal page to my business page in the Work section – please can you help?! My business page is MLC Design and its not showing in other people’s searches either….any help gratefully received!

    • Hey Maddie! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. If you send me a link to your page I’d be happy to take a look. I can see a number of MLC Designs, so not sure which one is yours.
      – Sam

      • Maddie

        Ah thank you so much Sam! My page is

        (my personal page is – appreciate your help,


        • Thanks for the links. I can confirm that your page is now showing in the search results, so everything you previously did has worked 🙂 You are currently 3rd on the list for ‘MLC Design’, if you build your likes and interaction on your page, you will quickly rank above the other two pages.

          Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

          • Maddie

            Thanks Sam, but it still isn’t showing in the list as an page to add into my personal work section..?

          • Ah I’m sorry Maddie, I mixed up my comments. OK it looks as if there are two possible solutions, the first is to add an extra term onto your page name – this can be temporary – this will make the text you enter to the ‘where you work’ field more specific and should show your page. This might take a couple of days to update.

            The alternative is to try again with the steps above. If you send me your page ID, I can take a look for you to see if it’s working or not. You can get your page ID from steps 1 and 2 above, if you drop that in a comment to me, I will run through the steps and make sure they are still accurate.

            Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

          • Maddie

            No probs, thanks Sam, the ID is id=628716013809958&sk (not sure if i should delete the &sk from end too). I will also try changing my page name as you suggest (or should i wait until you’ve checked the ID?)

            Let me know if it would be better to contact you on email rather than take up all the space on here!

            Thanks for your help, really appreciate it.

          • Hi Maddie,

            OK it has very slightly changed to the instructions above, but you still need the same tools, so Firefox and the Web Developer extension.

            1. Copy your ID – 628716013809958 enter id > hide fields > save).

            That should be it!

            I will update the article as soon as possible with new images / instructions.
            – Sam

          • Maddie

            Yay! Thank you thank you thank you! It has been driving me mad for weeks and you’ve solved it, i’m really grateful, so helpful, really glad I’ve found your blogs from this too, you’ve a new fan and follower to add to your thousands! thank you!

          • That’s great news, I’m glad I could help Maddie 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Hi Helayna,

    Sorry for the delay on getting back to you, your message ended up in the spam comments – no idea why – sorry!

    Are you still having trouble with this?

    I’ve noticed the steps have changed slightly since I created this post, it should now be:

    1. Copy your ID – 628716013809958 enter id > hide fields > save).

    I will update the instructions above when I get a chance!
    – Sam

  • Helayna Peretta

    Aloha Sam!
    Okay…. my genius mind took a break. I kept expecting the info to change the minute I shut off the ‘Display form details’…. I never hit ‘Save Changes’. It changed as soon as I did. Sometimes I’m not sure if all my synapses are firing, lol. MAHALO, for getting back to me, you have helped out SO much. You are the beans! Smiles, H

  • hardik

    Hello……….actually I have one page. I want to type my name on my post & when some1 clicks on that he must redirected to my facebook profile. how to do this ?? plz help me

  • kathryn

    Is there an easier way to make facebook recognize your business? Because I tried to download firefox and the web development tools and it’s not working but it won’t let me say I work at my “page” so I definitely need to get this figured out. Thanks!

    • I used the Chrome browser; if you are having difficulty with Firefox on your computer this may work for you as well:
      In the settings for your page find and copy the page ID number.

      Go to your personal page. In the employment section enter your page name as instructed in the original article. Select the generic new page that it offers you, but do not save the info yet.

      RIGHT-CLICK (Command-click in mac) on the image or words for the generic page title and select “inspect element” from the menu.

      In the code that appears at the bottom you will notice a web address to the generic page and it will have a different ID number at the end.
      REPLACE each of the four (4) instances with the correct ID number for your page. You can do this by clicking on the code item rather than the address. e.g. click on the “href=” and use your arrow key to move over to the ID number.

      After you have replaced all four (4) instances of the incorrect ID number with the correct ID number, click back up in the web page area of Chrome and finish filling in the rest of the information about the business.

      Click the “SAVE” button when you are finished.

      Your personal page should now show the correct location for your work by referencing your business page.

      Wish it was easier, but I am grateful to have found this article for the solution.


  • pegah

    please help me sam
    my page id is 177706592419319
    my page name is “the 27”
    i followed your instruction & in the end it has no save button,,i just turn off the display from details & nothing happend…

  • Talissa Fernando

    Hi Sam! I know your original post was a while back now! But I am having problems with the same thing. I have followed your instructions, but I am finding that as I go to click on the bit at the bottom where it is not an existing page, it just disappears as if I had never typed anything. I have used the web developer tool and entered the ID number but they both just vansh and nothing shows…

    Is there anything you can do to help me?

    My page is http://www.facebook/TalissaFernandoPhotography and my personal page is

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks Sam! I hope to hear back from you.

  • Talissa Fernando

    Hi Sam! I sorted it! I just clicked on someone else’s page and changed the ID and location etc and it seems to have worked!

    Thanks for the help!

  • Sha

    Hey Sam!!

    I am the admin of my company page.
    My company name is AGDelta, and the link is :
    When me and other employees of this company are going to About-> Work and Experience to select the company from the drop down menu the exact page is not displayed while some community page is popping up until and unless some development tools are used which is not a common technique for a normal employee to select and make it work.
    Please help me how to get this issue resolved .
    So that we can add the co page from the drop down.

    Eagerly waiting for yr reply.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,
    Shalini Singh

    • I think you are wanting a change from
      No it is not a normal technique for your employees… maybe you could help them as part of their new job orientation?

      Good luck.

  • Thank you for this article, it was a huge help!
    Things have changed slightly and I had do go to the settings on my Facebook page to find the ID number, but once I had that, it was all good!

    FYI: I used Chrome browser and selected “inspect element” from the right-click menu. There were four (4) places in the page I needed to change the ID number before clicking the “Save” button. This worked great, but your way is much easier for those who don’t want to dig into the page as much.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


  • Rebecca

    Hi there,
    I’ve downloaded Firefox and the add on but it doesn’t give me the option to add an employer id – it says at the top input autocomplete off. Can you help?

  • Martin

    ok but does the &sk mean

  • Rev L David Wall

    Some of the “labels” are out of date , but I think I got past that. However, Facebook will not let me save the results.

  • Márcio Reis Pinto

    I followed your guides and it did work. Facebook team was not able to show me how to fix it. You did it!!!