How to use Facebook as your page

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Facebook pages have been around for some time now, but time and time again I don’t see people making the most of them. This post will discuss the benefits of using Facebook as your page and not your profile.

I’m sure you are all aware to the purpose of a Facebook page, but just in case you have been hiding for a little while, they are a means for your company, brand or product to have a presence on the Facebook platform. From your page you can give industry specific news, company updates, support for your clients and build a community around you or what you offer.

Most pages that I see have the basics down, they regularly post, have a landing page, interact with their audience and get them to like or comment on their status updates. Despite these all being very good practices, they are also strategies that are difficult to get new people onto your page to find that great content! One way to do that is to use Facebook as your page!

What does using Facebook as your page mean?

Using Facebook as your page means that whenever you browse other companies pages, or profiles of the people who have liked your page, you can interact with them as your page. This means your page’s name will be displayed on their walls with a link back to your Facebook page!

Any comments you leave are new links that people could click to get to your custom Facebook landing tab (which should have a very strong call to action to get them to click like).

How do I use Facebook as my page?

This part is very simple.

1. When on your profile click the down arrow in the main navigation, far right.

2. Select the page you wish to use

Use Facebook as your page

That’s it! Please note that you may need to have over 25 page likes to be able to see this option.

If you manage a lot of pages, you might not see your page in this dropdown, if this is the case:

  1. Go to your page
  2. Click ‘Manage
  3. Click ‘Use Facebook as ____‘ where the blank is your page name.

To confirm that you are now your page, your pages profile picture should now be in the top right of Facebook right next to your Pages name (next to the ‘home’ link).

Now what?

So now that you are using Facebook as your page, you need to start using Facebook!

Here are a few things for you to do:

  • Go to people’s profiles who like your page and start up a conversation with them, all of their friends will see it.
  • Go to other companies pages that are in a similar industry and post relevant and interesting comments
  • Find groups that relevant to your page and interact with them, give advice, start a discussion.
  • Like other pages so that their stories come up in your news feed (when your using Facebook as your page).
  • Join other peoples conversation (providing you have something useful to add!)

However, don’t do these:

  • State “Come and like my page” – It looks spammy and the page admins are likely to delete your post
  • Be rude – As your acting on behalf of your page, you need to build a relationship with people, not annoy them or drive them away
  • Disrespect other pages rules – This is very similar to the above.

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  • BC

    What if my page isn’t listed in the dropdown? I’m admin on 9 pages and I only have the option to use on 5 of them.

    • Hi BC, thanks for commenting!

      I have just updated the post to explain this, but the other way to do this is to go to your page, then click ‘Manage’ and finally click ‘Use Facebook as…’ at the bottom of the drop down.

      I hope that helps!

      • Khalil Aynaou

        Where i can find Manage??

  • Sunita Iyer

    Hi, I have a profile with 5000 friends in my network. I understand that its time to convert my profile to a Facebook page [created as Thank You FB]. I have an idea of how to do this but what happens to my 5k friends? Will they automatically get to ‘like’ my New Page?

    • Hey Sunita, great to see you here!

      Yes that’s right, all of your current friends will be transformed into likes. Take a look at this help document for more information on how to convert your page.

      Let me know how you get on!

  • Help! I have recently started a page (over the required number of likes) and when I try to use facebook as my page it just takes me back to my advertising page to tell me about my ad’s.
    Am I doing something wrong!?!

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting.
      When you try and use Facebook as your page, where are you clicking? Also, could you send me a link to your page so I can take a look?

  • Batuhan

    I have an admin of a page recently and i cant use my facebook as a page. There is no manage button on the page just i have “update page info,manage admin roles and manage notification” Please reply me :/

  • ghys

    when i use my page i am not able to comment on nobodies wall and no one can chat me

  • Peter

    Hi Sam! Thanks for this information: clear and useful. The Facebook Help pages don’t mention that you need a certain number of likes, but since I couldn’t use Facebook as my Page with only 17 likes, I waited until I had over 25. I now have over 80, but I still don’t have the option to Use Facebook as Page Name. I have a screenshot if you’d like to see it, but basically when I click on Edit Page, I have 5 options: UPdate Page Info; Edit Settings; Manage Admin Roles; Use Activity Log; and See Banned Users. No more.

    • Hi Peter,

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. It sounds as if you’re looking in the wrong location. You won’t see the “use page as” options after clicking ‘Edit page’, you will need to go right to the top right of Facebook (into the blue bar) and click the cog icon (to the right of your name at the top). That should open a dropdown where your page is one of the options, click that, and you’re away.

      I hope that helps!

      • Peter

        Hey Sam!

        You are quick. Thanks for the answer. I don’t know if it’s the kind of Page I have, or something else, but the top of my Facebook Page has no cog icon, and no search bar. If you use your imagine, below is what I see at the top of my page. None of the menu options include “Use page as…”. There is no message about Facebook placing limits on the Page. I tried changing the Page from a Community Organisation to a Place of Business, but it looks the same. Any ideas? I have of course sent feedback to Facebook, but unfortunately they are unable to respond individually.

        Thanks for any help!


        facebook Settings Log out

        Admin Panel Edit Page / Build Audience / Help / Hide Promote Page


        • Hi Peter,

          It sounds like you have a business account with Facebook, these have different privileges and are only meant for managing pages. I’d suggest you create yourself a personal Facebook account, make yourself an admin of the page then you should see the options in the top right. Don’t worry, people won’t know you’re the admin of a page unless you specifically say you are 🙂

          – Sam

          • Hi,

            I think I have the same problem as Sam. So why can’t a business use Facebook as a page? I would like to share other people’s and other business’ content on my page as well.

  • Clayton Warren

    How do you use a page on iPhone. I have the pages app but I can’t search or scroll feed from the app, therefore I can’t like or share anything of someone else?

  • Johnny Shumway

    FaceBook Has Update, and I am lost. I went to a drop-down menu but it doesn’t look correct. Plus it doesn’t show my picture in the Profile profile_icon thing. What do I do?

  • Kimberly Rousseau DC

    This isn’t working. Clicking on my page no longer makes me use fb as my page. I also tried another tip from elsewhere which was >Profile>Manage>Use FB as Page; that’s also not working.

    • Jo-Lou Bradley

      I too am having the same problem – but only recently (March 2016)!!!
      This is so frustrating – has Facebook changed something????
      I can’t get an answer anywhere.

      • Andrew Wilkerson

        Same. So frustrating. Who has time for this?

  • Kimberly Rousseau DC

    There is no “use Facebook as” on that page.