I’m going travelling!

StuffedWeb is going travelling

I didn’t know how to start this post, so I thought being direct was as good as an approach as any.

As the title suggests, I’m going away for 2 months.

I will be travelling down the coast of Australia with a good friend of mine.

But what does that mean for StuffedWeb?

Well let’s start with the bad news.

This will be the last post until a week or two into December.

I’m heading off the grid and I won’t be taking the internet with me.

That’s 2 months of no posting, no commenting, no social media < quite scary really.

I will be scanning my emails at various points on the journey, but that’s about it.

But enough of the bad news.

Let’s move onto the good news!

When I get back in December, I have a number of exciting projects planned.

All of them will be testers initially, but you can expect a range of both content and products.

These tasks will start with a re-design of StuffedWeb. This layout and style has served its purpose well enough, but in my eyes it’s starting to feel a little tired.

So a refresh and maybe a re-structuring will be one of the first tasks.

Once that’s complete, I will be looking at developing some products.

All of which have YOU and your needs at their core.

Ever since I started StuffedWeb, I’ve been watching the posts that work well, and those that… don’t.

That has influenced the type of products I will be making and the content I will be posting.

Initially there will be small tasters of different types of content. From PDF downloads and ‘How to’ booklets on specific tasks, to video tutorials and discussions.

I will also be looking at building software that will help fellow marketers build up their platform of success.

This will include WordPress plugins and themes with marketing goals at the heart of their development.

I will then be diving into an area of marketing that I’ve always seen value in, but never concentrated my efforts on before – email marketing.

So even though I’m going to be quiet for a little bit, make sure you subscribe to my mailing list so you don’t miss out on any of the new content, updates or software that will be arriving soon.

I wish you the best with your marketing, business and learning while I’m away and look forward to hearing of your success when I return.

  • Enterprisingme

    Thanks for your posts and have a brilliant time!

    • No problem! More will be coming when I get back so I hope to see you then. And thank you very much.