Pros and cons of buying Facebook likes

Should you buy Facebook likes?

When it comes to Facebook pages, having likes is vital.

It will increase the visibility of your posts and provide more opportunities for interaction, advertising and spreading your message.

As with any social network, the more likes you have, the quicker you can build that number as the reach is greater.

This all sounds great, but what if you’re just getting started with Facebook?

What if you currently have 0 followers?

Should you buy followers to increase those numbers and give you a jump start?

This article is going to explore the pros and cons of purchasing Facebook likes.

Where do the likes come from

The sad reality is that most of the likes you would receive will come from an illegal source of some form.

There are two approaches that are typically used.

The first is to create a system that will generate new users and automatically like your page with those fake users.

The second is to trick real users into clicking a link, that link will like your page instead of the result the user was expecting.

That means any likes you receive, will either be from fake and inactive accounts, or from users who have no interest in your page.

Reasons why you should buy likes

As likes are created from users generated from a piece of software, it can be very cheap to purchase likes. It can cost as little as $5 for approximately 2000 likes.

If your page has a short term goal and simply needs numbers, then your $5 would complete that goal.

If you already have thousands of likes, then an extra couple of thousand can easily be added without looking suspicious to your current followers.

That’s all the pro’s I can think of, if you know of any more then let me know in the comments.

Reasons why you should not buy Facebook likes

#1  – Facebook will block and delete the fake accounts – and potentially your page

Facebook have measures in place to restrict or delete fake accounts. If they discover a lot of the fake accounts are attached to your page, there is a high possibility that they will take action against your page.

#2 – You won’t have any interaction on your page

Just because your total likes will be higher, doesn’t mean there will be users who like and comment on your posts.

You will have a page with thousands of likes, but no one is replying to your content.

One of the best elements to a Facebook page is the interaction that comes with it.

Users won’t mind if you don’t have that much interaction when your total likes is quite low, but if you’re in the thousands, users expect a page to be active and have discussions taking place.

#3 – Your page visibility will drop

You might see an initial bump in the visibility of your posts, but as soon as Facebook realises your page isn’t generating comments or interaction, it will assume your page is not relevant or providing interesting material and reduce your visibility accordingly.

#4 – Your likes won’t continue to grow

When you click the number of likes on a page, you are presented with some information on the demographics of the typical fan and a graph showing the growth of likes.

You will see a huge spike once you purchase the likes, this spike will then fade out to nothing.

Your users don’t have to be geniuses to realise that something dodgy happened then.

#5 – You will lose the trust and respect of your real followers

Any users who follow you and are active on your page, will see this sudden change in the number of likes.

This will show them that you don’t really care about the community, you only care about numbers.

Remember trust is a vital part to a successful online presence. If you lose that, then it’s hard to regain.

#6 – You will be funding dodgy behaviour

As described above, the companies that generate these likes often won’t use real people, or will trick users into liking your page.

Neither of these are particularly good practices that we want to see on the internet. So don’t fund it!


As you can see, buying likes sounds like a great deal, especially at such low prices.

But the total cost is far greater than the $5 you initially spent. A cost that you might not be able to recover your page from without deleting and starting over.

If you have any experience with bought likes, I’d love to hear your story in the comments below be it success, or failure.