Quick Tip – View Google Alerts in Feedly

Since Google turned off Google Reader, many blog readers moved over to Feedly for their daily digests.

Feedly is a tool that allows you to subscribe to websites, and scan new articles from your favourite website.

If you regularly monitor keywords online – like your brand name, competitors names or industry key terms – then you may be interested to know you can pull that information directly into your Feedly account if you use Google Alerts for that monitoring.

Setting up your Google Alerts

To use Google alerts, you will need a Google account. Head over to google.com/alerts and sign in, or create an account with Google.

You should now see a form where you can create a new alert.

Enter the term that you would like to receive notifications for when they’re mentioned across the internet.

Next change the ‘Delivery to’ field, to ‘Feed’.

Adjust the other fields to suit you, then click ‘Create alert’.

Create a Google Alert

This will take you to the overview page of your created alerts.

Click the ‘Feed’ link on the new alert and copy the link to the page.

Get the Google Alert RSS feed link

Adding the alert to Feedly

At this stage, you can add the link we just copied into Feedly like any other website.

So log into Feedly.

In the search box at the top right, paste the link.

Add Google Alert to Feedly

Click the ‘Subscribe’ button, select a category (or collection) then click ‘Add’.

That’s it! You can now view that Google Alert directly in Feedly.

I hope this cleans up your inbox a little and you found it useful.