How to separate your Facebook friends from your professional contacts

Separate Facebook friends from business friends

Facebook has been a part of most of our lives for quite some time.

We’ve added friends, families, co-workers and even business contacts to our friends list.

But with social media being a vital part of online marketing, it would be useful to have all business contacts on a page away from your personal profile – right?

That way you can post family and friend related content without the worry of representing your brand online.

What’s answer to separating your friends from your followers

Solution 1: Create friend lists

You can divide your ‘friends’ up into multiple lists.

To create a friend list:

  1. Go to the homepage of your profile
  2. Click the ‘Friends’ title in the left menu
  3. Click ‘Create List’
  4. Give the new list a title – like “Family”

I would suggest you click ‘Create’ at this point, then add your friends on the next screen as you can see pictures of all your contacts instead of guessing their names.

Once you have set up a list, you must always declare who your post is meant for.

So if your post is meant for your family, click on the ‘Public’ option under your post, and select the ‘Family’ list you just created.

If you leave it as public, then everyone (no matter the list) will be able to see it.

Solution 2: Create an alias account

This isn’t technically abiding by Facebooks rules, but you can create another account – one that only your friends and family know about.

That way you can post anything that would be business related or could have a positive impact on your brand onto your main profile.

Yet any messages, or fun posts that are meant for friends as business connections could take offence would go onto your alias account.

This is much like the way that savvy teenagers use Facebook to stop their mums, dads, grandparents and other family members from watching their profile.

Solution 3: Accept that you have professional contacts

More often than not, if you have a professional account you will have a page set up. So the ideal situation would be that your professional ‘friends’ like your page instead of your profile.

As we’re discussing this issue, I’m going to assume that this ideal situation hasn’t come true.

Now you can post onto your profile asking for everyone to move over to that page, however chances are a very small proportion of those contacts will.

Therefore maybe it’s time to stop posting potentially business damaging items, or extremely personal entries onto Facebook.

Maybe it’s time to use Facebook more professionally and consider each post you’re liking and sending out to the world.

And maybe it’s time to pick up the phone and tell your friends and family that private piece of information instead of posting it onto Facebook.

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  • Great post sam! Thanks

  • vcize

    This only seems to work for separating your status updates on your own timeline. However I can’t see any way to do it for commenting or posting to public groups. When I comment on a friend’s post, how do I prevent my business contacts from getting a notification about it on their news feed. And vice versa?