So you never wanted to be a teacher?

Become a teacher to become a better Online Marketer

As an online marketer, I bet you never thought about going into teaching.

If you did, I bet it wasn’t a career path you were particularly excited about doing – otherwise you would be one now!

As it turns out, you might have unknowingly become one! Well… if your utilising the power of content anyway.

One of the biggest reasons why content doesn’t work for companies is because they are writing about themselves all the time.

Topics like:

  • What product have they just launched
  • Have you seen this amazing feature?
  • We have a new staff member!
  • Our latest newsletter has just gone out

Sound familiar?

Well these are topic examples that aren’t going to get your content very far. OK yes they do have a place, and yes, any content is better than no content.

But don’t you think it sounds a bit … bloggy… ?

If you swap the company name for a person’s name, you just have a personal blog and let’s face it, the only person who wants to read your personal blog is your mum.

To make your content successful, you have to move away from this generic “I know I should be posting content so here you go” type approach, and become the teacher.

What does ‘become the teacher’ mean exactly?

For staters, it means your content is focused on your user, your client, your customer or whatever term you use.

It’s working out what problems they face every day, and creating content that can help them.

It’s about being honest, showing empathy about their issues, and guiding them to a solution.

That solution DOES NOT have to be your product, but if it’s on a topic that’s similar, that’s probably a good idea.

In fact, talking about problems in the industry around your product is much better than saying “My product can solve this” as that turns your nice, thoughtful and helpful article into a sales pitch – this is not cool, and you have just wasted your efforts.

By answering your customer’s questions and providing solutions to problem areas, you will start to build a following of readers.

These readers might even turn into evangelists and start promoting your content to their network.

But more than that, you start to build trust.

People will turn to you because you provide answers to their problems.

They will turn to you because you ARE the expert in your industry and you have encountered all of their problems before.

They will find you because they will type their problem into Google and guess whose page turns up at the top of the results.

Gone are the days where a small or medium sized company can simply post press releases and company updates.

You have to become the teacher, and you have to know your audience.

If you can do that, I can assure you, your visitors, leads and conversions will grow.

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