Which social network should I use for my business?

Are you considering using social media as a marketing tool for your company?

Do you know which social networks your company should be using?

When getting started with social media marketing one of two things tend to happen:

1. You get overwhelmed with the choice of networks and give up on starting

2. You join them all and make them all part of your strategy.

Those sound familiar with you? [Read more…]

How to separate your Facebook friends from your professional contacts

Facebook has been a part of most of our lives for quite some time.

We’ve added friends, families, co-workers and even business contacts to our friends list.

But with social media being a vital part of online marketing, it would be useful to have all business contacts on a page away from your personal profile – right?

That way you can post family and friend related content without the worry of representing your brand online. [Read more…]

Pros and cons of buying Facebook likes

When it comes to Facebook pages, having likes is vital.

It will increase the visibility of your posts and provide more opportunities for interaction, advertising and spreading your message.

As with any social network, the more likes you have, the quicker you can build that number as the reach is greater.

This all sounds great, but what if you’re just getting started with Facebook?

What if you currently have 0 followers? [Read more…]

How to change your Google+ email, and why it’s dangerous!

Despite Google+ being one of the top social networks, it’s still relatively new.

The standard functionality you would expect is working well and looks good, yet digging deeper into the network will uncover holes that haven’t yet been plugged.

This article is not a dig about Google+, it’s aim is first explain how to change your email address on your Google+ account, and then highlight some of the problems that could occur as a result. [Read more…]

Facebook text links now appearing in news feeds even less!

Common knowledge for Facebook pages is that each post won’t go out to your entire audience.

Just because someone has liked your page, doesn’t mean they will see your update.

In a recent announcement, Facebook declared they have updated their algorithm to determine how many times a post from a page goes out into the news feed.

There are two significant changes to this update. [Read more…]

How to find out which social networks your customers use

Getting started with social media isn’t as easy as simply jumping onto a network, and posting random things.

The first thing that should happen before embarking on a social network, is to build a strategy.

Part of that strategy should identify which social networks you will be using.

Even though you might have your favourite networks, they might not be the right networks for your company. [Read more…]

Facebook page not displaying to logged out users

Is your Facebook page displaying in all it’s glory to Facebook users that are both logged in and out?

If not, this post is going is going to provide you the quick change you need to make to allow your page to be visible to everyone

It will also help your page appear in Facebook search! [Read more…]

Why your social media presence isn’t generating leads

Social media is vital to any successful online presence when you’re a small or medium sized company.

Being social online is vital when you are trying to build your reputation and drive traffic back to your website.

But there is often one element that’s missing from a social media presence.

Without this one element, your companies precense will never be more than ‘ok’. [Read more…]

The importance of promoting your posts [with stats!]

It’s pretty obvious that getting people to view your content means you have to get out there and promote it.

Google is still the number 1 source of traffic to a lot of websites, with social media coming a distant second.

This is certainly true here on StuffedWeb so I wanted to see whether I could get away with not promoting my posts, and it not have a negative impact on the number of visitors to this website.

I know what you’re thinking… “Of course it will have a negative impact”.

But you never really know until you try these things right? [Read more…]

Social Media Strategy? It’s to post content isn’t it?

Do you have a social media strategy?

Do you have one… but you have never looked at it since the day it was created?

Let me tell you, you’re not alone!

According to Social Media Examiner, 86% of marketers believe that social media is important for their business. This is huge!

When getting started with social media for business, most people’s first instincts are to jump right in and get going.

After a month or so, their tweets and Facebook updates start to dwindle until they stop. [Read more…]