1 question companies fail to answer when creating their content

There are many reasons why creating content can fail to drive traffic and conversions.

From bad writing to no promotion.

Having worked with companies who follow the text book when it comes to creating content – i.e. consistent, high quality posts that are promoted regularly – there is still that one question that always seems to go unanswered. [Read more…]

How to make your content go further

The wonderful thing about content is the extent it can be used.

Many companies realise they need to be marketing themselves online to be successful.

They would typically create a blog and start posting, only to realise how much work and time can go into creating new content – especially at the start.

This is where the blog and content generation as a whole often stumbles and stops.

Does this sound familiar?

Thankfully, there’s a solution. [Read more…]

Generating post ideas: Using Google Analytics

Generating post ideas has been discussed on this website a few times, but the key is finding a method that works for you.

Trawling through other peoples websites, using online shops like Amazon or getting inspiration from being out and about may generate a few post ideas, but it might not be sustainable.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the world of statistics.

Specifically, your website’s statistics.

By looking at key elements in Google Analytics, we can identify pages that are working for you and should be able to generate more content as a result. [Read more…]

How to block specific Google AdSense Ads from your website

Google AdSense is a viable way of making money online.

Yes it does take work, and yes you do need website visitors before it starts to pay, but it’s a source of income from your content.

That being said, if you’re scaring your visitors away because you have an advert that is completely irrelevant to your content, then you won’t see the best results from your AdSense adverts.

This article will show you how to disable specific categories of adverts, and how to remove individual AdSense ads from the adverts you run. [Read more…]

How to add AdSense to your WordPress website

Google AdSense has long been a way to monetise your website.

In recent years you will find mixed reviews on whether it’s worth it or not but I’ve always found the best way to find out, is to do it yourself.

To try it yourself, you will obviously need to add an advert onto your website, so this article is going to guide you through the process of adding Google AdSense to the sidebar of your WordPress website. [Read more…]

5 reasons why you should have comments enabled on your blog

When starting a blog, were you ever faced with the question of turning comments on or off?

There are a number of reasons for not having comments at the bottom of your content, but this post is going to focus on why you should have comments enabled from the very start.

That leads us nicely onto point 1: [Read more…]

How to find out which social networks your customers use

Getting started with social media isn’t as easy as simply jumping onto a network, and posting random things.

The first thing that should happen before embarking on a social network, is to build a strategy.

Part of that strategy should identify which social networks you will be using.

Even though you might have your favourite networks, they might not be the right networks for your company. [Read more…]

So you never wanted to be a teacher?

As an online marketer, I bet you never thought about going into teaching.

If you did, I bet it wasn’t a career path you were particularly excited about doing – otherwise you would be one now!

As it turns out, you might have unknowingly become one! Well… if your utilising the power of content anyway.

One of the biggest reasons why content doesn’t work for companies is because they are writing about themselves all the time. [Read more…]

A new blogging platform!

For the past 5+ years, WordPress has been the best blogging platform.

There have been others that had their pros and cons, but as a platform where YOU own the content, and not the provider, WordPress is the best.

That being said, there is a new blogging platform that has being developed and definitely worth checking out. [Read more…]

How to generate 20 post ideas in under 10 minutes

The longer you create topics on a specific topic, the harder it is to come up with new ideas that bring useful content to your customers.

There are plenty of posts out there telling you to go and look at other blogs, read industry magazines, talk to industry experts; but this method is a lot easier than that, and can give your content a bit of direction.

If you’re at the point where you are running out of ideas, it would be safe to assume that you have created at least 25 articles already. [Read more…]