Why you should be using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Many companies and individuals looking to get online start with a WordPress theme.

A year or two down the line, they will look at upgrading that theme to have something a little more unique, or with features that are specific to their needs.

The initial approach is to find a WordPress theme that looks nice and has the basic functionality they require.

This theme would then be ditched for a completely bespoke theme.

On the face of it, this makes sense. But what if the first theme you bought could easily be turned into the website you want later down the road – even if you don’t know what you might want just yet. [Read more…]

How to pick a WordPress theme that doesn’t suck

For most small company’s websites, they will be looking for a WordPress theme to get their online presence started.

This is because WordPress is the top content management system, and purchasing a premium theme is much cheaper than getting a custom one built.

What’s not immediately apparent is that your premium theme could quite easily end up costing more than a bespoke theme unless you take some time in finding a theme that is right for your business.

This article will highlight the process you need to take when deciding on what theme isn’t going to drive you mad in a few months time. [Read more…]