5 quick changes to speed up your WordPress website

Have you taken the time to speed up your website?

Have you considered the impact the speed of your website has?

If your website is slow, you will have annoyed any new visitors before you even get going!

They won’t see your beautiful design, and they certainly won’t read your brilliant content because they would have left your site before it’s even on the screen.

By speeding up your website, you will not only retain new visitors for longer, but you will actually increase the rate in which you gain new traffic. [Read more…]

How to optimise the content of your website for Google search

Are your blog posts search engine friendly?

Have you taken the time to optimise your pages for Google search?

If not, then this article will take you through the basics of editing your page so the search engines like Google and Bing will index your page for the correct terms.

This isn’t a golden bullet to get your page to the top of Google, however the practices mentioned in this article will point your website in the right direction. [Read more…]