Which social network should I use for my business?

Are you considering using social media as a marketing tool for your company?

Do you know which social networks your company should be using?

When getting started with social media marketing one of two things tend to happen:

1. You get overwhelmed with the choice of networks and give up on starting

2. You join them all and make them all part of your strategy.

Those sound familiar with you? [Read more…]

The importance of promoting your posts [with stats!]

It’s pretty obvious that getting people to view your content means you have to get out there and promote it.

Google is still the number 1 source of traffic to a lot of websites, with social media coming a distant second.

This is certainly true here on StuffedWeb so I wanted to see whether I could get away with not promoting my posts, and it not have a negative impact on the number of visitors to this website.

I know what you’re thinking… “Of course it will have a negative impact”.

But you never really know until you try these things right? [Read more…]

How to track social media buttons with Google Analytics

Social Media is a vital part to a successful online presence.

As companies continue to realise its importance, they are adding more and more social buttons to their websites.

Those buttons might consist of typical share buttons that you see at the end of posts, or they might consist of Twitter’s ‘follow’ button, or LinkedIn’s follow button.

No matter what buttons you include on your website, you should be tracking how many people click on them, and which pages the buttons have most success on.

This article will take you through the steps to set up the Google Analytics Social Plugin report within your WordPress website. [Read more…]

Take a look at the latest LinkedIn updates and statistics

As I’m sure you’re aware, LinkedIn have been rolling out a lot of updates recently.

On October 16th, LinkedIn gave a presentation showcasing many of their updates, and where they want to go with the company.

This article will provide you with some of the key updates and statistics given in the Presentation. [Read more…]

18 ways to be seen on LinkedIn

Are you looking for more exposure on LinkedIn?

Are you just getting started and want to know how to be seen on the worlds most popular professional network?

This article will identify 18 actions you can take to get into the news feeds of your connections.

Lets get started! [Read more…]

12 Places to find great blog ideas

Are you wondering where you can find content for a blog?

Are you running out of blog ideas fast?

If so, maybe your not looking in the right places for inspiration.

This article will highlight 12 places where you can find new blog ideas and inspiration. [Read more…]

How to automatically post your tweets on LinkedIn

One of the most popular features on LinkedIn was the ability to post your tweets into LinkedIn Automatically.

As of the 29th of June, this functionality was turned off as Twitter has updated the rules for their partners.

How it used to work

Previously, you would go to LinkedIn and connect your twitter account. [Read more…]

How companies on LinkedIn are building success

Why LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 150 million professionals. Despite this being significantly lower than Facebook, LinkedIn’s users are not your every day user, they don’t post about what they had for breakfast this morning and they don’t let people know about the funny thing their cat just did.

LinkedIn’s users are there to build up their professional network, find jobs, hire people, connect with other businesses and promote their products and services.

According to Mario Sundar, 64% of users agree that LinkedIn helps develop relationships and builds business. Users are also 2x more confident in the content found on LinkedIn compared to other social sites. [Read more…]

What can LinkedIn offer you and your company?

LinkedIn boasts that it is the most popular social networking website for professionals. With more that 131 million members, it could be a great place to promote yourself and your business.

I will discuss some of the features that LinkedIn has to offer, and how you can use them.



As LinkedIn is social networking for professionals, it is a great resource for generating new contacts with others in the same industry as well as providing a forum to attract potential clients.

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