How user testing can dramatically improve your conversions

Many companies shy away from user testing because it’s seen as an extra hassle.

It’s something else that’s going to cost money, take up time and might not provide any useful information.

But what if you’re missing an opportunity?

What if it didn’t take that long and didn’t cost anything?

Then you would think you’re being rather silly – wouldn’t you?

This article will explain how you can user test your website extremely cheaply. [Read more…]

What is usability? And why should you care?

Are you struggling to turn website visitors into customers?

Are you not getting as many conversions as you think you should be?

Whether you are a designer, developer or online marketer, you need to know about usability.

This one thing can be the difference between someone making a purchase from you, and leaving your website for good in frustration.

Without thinking about the usability of your website, all the investment, be that money or time will be for nothing. [Read more…]