What is Content Marketing and why you should be using it

Content Marketing

This article has been created to give you an introduction to Content Marketing, and a few of the reasons why you should be doing it.

I believe this is one of the best marketing strategies around at the moment, its modern, it’s sustainable but most importantly… it’s FREE!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘nothing is free’.

In this case, you would be right.

What I should have said is the only thing it will cost you is time, but that isn’t quite as impressive as saying something is free.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of free content. This content is used to attract new visitors and customers to your website and can easily be shared.

The content can take the form of video tutorials, how to documents, free reports, podcasts and more.

The primary aim of content marketing is to build your opt-in list. This can be to a newsletter or updates on a product, however the regular contact will keep you in mind of your visitors and help them trust you, build your credibility and your authority in your subject.

It’s the trust that leads to sales and conversions, however that trust can be hard to gain.

What you need to do

To earn the trust of your visitors there are a few things you must do when creating content:

1. Put your audience first

The most important thing with content marketing is to put your audience first. This means you are no longer creating content about what you thought might be interesting, but finding out what your audience are having trouble with, answer it, then give it to them for free.

By answering the questions they have problems with, they start to see you as a resource which means they come back.

The more they come back, the more likely they are to opt-in to your mailing list, which means even more contact and an opportunity to introduce them to your products.

However you must remember that the purpose of your content is not to sell anything, it’s to answer your target audiences questions, and to then get them to opt-in to your emailing list.

2. Own your content

When you are creating content, make sure it all gets posted primarily on the website that you own and have control over.

This doesn’t mean a wordpress.com site, or a blogger site; this means a website that doesn’t rely on someone else’s service.

This means that you own all of your content. Should a service go down, you won’t have to worry as all of your content is on your website.

3. Be consistent

I know I have said this before on some of my blogging and social media posts; however it is vital that you are consistent.

If people come back to your website, they will see a pattern when a new post is coming out. If you post once a week (like I do here) then people expect to see a new post once a week.

Make sure you don’t disappoint them by missing your own deadline.

4. Make your content sharable, and share your content

This one is the easiest. Make sure your website has social media buttons attached. This allows people to share the content with their contacts.

If you don’t make it easy for people to share your content, they won’t!

Making the content easy to share is one thing, however once you have created it, share it yourself!

Use your Facebook like button, your Twitter tweet button and any other buttons you have.

Start the sharing process by letting people know that you have new content that they will be interested in.

Additional benefits

If you’re not sure whether moving away from traditional marketing approaches like ‘interruption’ marketing (using television adverts, radio adverts, direct messaging etc), then here are a few benefits:

  • It’s cheap to run – only takes time
  • It’s great for search engines – More organic links to your website
  • It builds your authority on your subject
  • It builds trust in your brand
  • It builds your emailing lists
  • It keeps you on top of industry trends and topics
  • You build a better relationship with your customers
  • You build a community around your website
  • It’s easy to promote with social media networks

So what are you waiting for, go and adjust your marketing strategy to use content marketing and see the results it will bring you.

Have you implemented content marketing? What success have you had? Let me know your stories in the comments below.