What is Facebook EdgeRank?

EdgeRank score

EdgeRank is the name given to the Facebook algorithm for working out if your page and posts are important enough to be displayed on your fans news feeds. This includes the walls of people who haven’t interacted with you recently. Therefore you want to have a high EdgeRank score on your page so that you can reach as many users as possible.

There are three elements that determine if your posts are important enough to put onto the newsfeeds of your fans:

  1. The level of true connection (Affinity score)
  2. The type of interaction (Comments are better than likes)
  3. If you content is recent and has lots of interaction (Time decay)

So how can you increase your EdgeRank score?

The quality of your posts plays a huge part in increasing your EdgeRank score. By having relevant content that is entertaining, empowering or educating, will have a greater chance of increasing your interaction with that post, whether likes, shares or comments.

Encouraging fans to like and comment on your posts is also a good method to get people talking. Posts like ‘What are your thoughts on….’ and ‘Like this if you think …..’ are great strategies to boost that interaction score.

Due to the time decay, recent posts are going to have a higher EdgeRank score. So finding the balance between posting often and not annoying your fans is a must!

Take a look at Facebook post guidelines for some great strategies on what to post, and when to post it.

Finally you need to advertise your page. Whether this is using Facebook ads, or linking from your website to your page. This drives people to your page who can then like the page (not just the posts). The more ‘likes’ you have on a page, the more people you have the ability to reach.

To find out what your EdgeRank score is for your pages, take a look at edgerankchecker.com for a free grading.