Why your social media presence isn’t generating leads

Time to reingage your network on social media

Social media is vital to any successful online presence when you’re a small or medium sized company.

Being social online is vital when you are trying to build your reputation and drive traffic back to your website.

But there is often one element that’s missing from a social media presence.

Without this one element, your companies precense will never be more than ‘ok’.

How most companies use social media

Social media for most companies (especially those who haven’t sought any advice) will consist of posting a link to their latest article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social network they can think of.

Those that find spending time on social networks fun, will also be looking to jump into conversations where they can link people back to their site.

They will sometimes post content that’s a little off topic, such as a funny picture or a bit of news on a big event, but these are pretty rare.

Those of you with a keen eye will have already spotted what’s missing – it is pretty obvious after all!

The one thing that companies often forget with social media

OK are you ready for me to reveal it?

I can feel the tension building in anticipation!

The one thing that most companies miss when implementing their social media, is their audience!

They completely forget about it.

I know they are asking questions at the end of posts to ‘prompt’ conversation, but they aren’t replying to those who leave comments.

They aren’t asking people questions that isn’t based around a post they have written.

They aren’t starting conversations, taking an interest, building relationships.

They aren’t talking to people.

The whole point of a social network is to be social (obviously). So stop ignoring your audience and start talking to them.

From personal experience I have found 1 good connection, who I’ve taken an interest in and they have done the same back has been far more valuable than sending 50 people to my website to read content.

I would place a bet that it’s the same for you.

So look through your recent posts – doesn’t matter which network – try and spot how often you are talking to your followers, how often are you promoting their stuff and not yours.

Building a relationship with 1 person a month, a real relationship where you read all their content and they read yours, where they come to you for advice and you go to them (or point someone else who is having trouble to them), is more valuable than 100 followers that month.

I’d even say 1 proper relationship with someone who has an interest in your content & what you can offer, is more valuable than 1000 followers as they are the people who are going to be sending potential PAYING visitors to your website, not just people who want a free ‘quick fix’.

So get out there and start talking to people. It will take your social presence to the next level as people will start to care about what you have to say.

  • Saad Suleiman

    Nice article! I think one of the best things you can do to improve your social media standing is to be “real” and provide followers with content they can use on a daily basis. Starting conversations is also really, really good. Asking for feedback on products, services, and the social media presence itself (your pictures, articles, etc.) is also very important.

    One step that your article doesn’t address, but I find is important, is scoping out the “landscape” of companies who have done what your company has done already. TheBoomWorks has a really nice article on the subject here: http://www.theboomworks.com/blog/social-media-rules/#.UgZcAPbwLso