Why you should be using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Many companies and individuals looking to get online start with a WordPress theme.

A year or two down the line, they will look at upgrading that theme to have something a little more unique, or with features that are specific to their needs.

The initial approach is to find a WordPress theme that looks nice and has the basic functionality they require.

This theme would then be ditched for a completely bespoke theme.

On the face of it, this makes sense. But what if the first theme you bought could easily be turned into the website you want later down the road – even if you don’t know what you might want just yet. [Read more…]

How to add an email signup form under your content

Email signup forms are essential when building your online presence.

But to build subscribers, you need to have multiple email signup forms on your website.

Previously we’ve gone through the process of adding a signup form to your sidebar, but never talked about adding it under the content.

This tutorial will take you through the steps to add a signup form under your content. [Read more…]

How to make your content stand out with content boxes

Making specific elements of your content stand out can really slam the message home to the reader.

Yet the default WordPress editor doesn’t provide too many options on making your content look great.

Simple elements like a styled box around a sentence can really bring a post to life, or get that important message noticed.

This article will walk you through the process of adding a little bit of code to your content to give it that extra kick. [Read more…]

How to add a Google Drive survey to your WordPress website

Research is vital to success in online marketing, specifically content marketing.

Knowing who your audience is, where they hang out and what problems they face are all details that will help you immensely.

So what’s the best way of getting this information? You guessed it – ask your readers!

Ask the people that currently visit your website. Ask your existing clients. Ask people who are part of a network similar to yours.

One of the easiest ways to ask the questions that are important to you is to create a survey. [Read more…]

How to add AdSense to your WordPress website

Google AdSense has long been a way to monetise your website.

In recent years you will find mixed reviews on whether it’s worth it or not but I’ve always found the best way to find out, is to do it yourself.

To try it yourself, you will obviously need to add an advert onto your website, so this article is going to guide you through the process of adding Google AdSense to the sidebar of your WordPress website. [Read more…]

How the WordPress 3.6 update is great for marketers

WordPress was recently updated to version 3.6.

As a marketer, that probably isn’t very exciting at all – it’s just another WordPress update right?


These updates bring a selection of features that is going to help your online marketing.

There are 3 main features to this update that you’re going to love: [Read more…]

10 common WordPress mistakes that make you look like an amateur

WordPress has been a platform of choice for many businesses and entrepreneurs.

But there are many things on a site that can make you look… well… amateur.

This article will highlight 10 mistakes that will make your website look unprofessional. [Read more…]

How to pick a WordPress theme that doesn’t suck

For most small company’s websites, they will be looking for a WordPress theme to get their online presence started.

This is because WordPress is the top content management system, and purchasing a premium theme is much cheaper than getting a custom one built.

What’s not immediately apparent is that your premium theme could quite easily end up costing more than a bespoke theme unless you take some time in finding a theme that is right for your business.

This article will highlight the process you need to take when deciding on what theme isn’t going to drive you mad in a few months time. [Read more…]

5 quick changes to speed up your WordPress website

Have you taken the time to speed up your website?

Have you considered the impact the speed of your website has?

If your website is slow, you will have annoyed any new visitors before you even get going!

They won’t see your beautiful design, and they certainly won’t read your brilliant content because they would have left your site before it’s even on the screen.

By speeding up your website, you will not only retain new visitors for longer, but you will actually increase the rate in which you gain new traffic. [Read more…]

The importance of font size

When creating content online, there is one element that is vital when it comes to the design of your website.

Yet is often the last consideration.

That element is your font styles.

You might have the best website design in the world, the layout could be perfect, the use of images just right.

But if your website visitors can’t read the text comfortably, then it is unlikely that they will turn into customers or leads.

This is especially true if you create content on your website, whether that’s in a blog, newsroom or testimonials. [Read more…]