HTML & CSS for content creators

Do you create content for websites?

Have you set up a landing page recently and wasn’t too sure of what you actually did?

This article will explain to you what HTML and CSS is, and how you can use it within your content.

This article will not tell you how to construct a new website or how everything is working behind the scenes. [Read more…]

How to prevent your website from being hacked

Are you worried about the security of your WordPress website?

Have you taken precautions to stop people hacking your website?

We all know that owning a website can be hard work, however life can become far more stressful if the website was to get broken into.

Not only would you have to figure out how they did it, but you would have to repair all the damage!

This article will explain how you can take steps to stop a hacker from breaking into your website. [Read more…]